Next-gen Classmate PC uses next-gen Atom processor

It’s not just big-name PC makers that are pushing out new netbooks with Intel Atom N450 processors. Intel’s education-oriented Classmate PC is also getting a spec bump. The Classmate is a reference design which is marketed and sold by a number of different computer distributors, including M&A Technology, which has a product listing for the […]

MSI launches new line of Pine Trail-based netbooks

Word on the street is that MSI is set to launch a new line of netbooks that will sport Intel’s new Atom N450 Pine Trail processor. Honestly, at this point I’ll be more surprised when I hear rumors that a netbook maker is not planning on launching a new model with an Atom N450 processor. […]

Intel officially launches next-gen Atom Pine Trail chips – Video

If you couldn’t tell by the introduction of the new Dell Inspiron Mini 10 and Asus Eee PC 1005P, Intel has officially pulled the veil back on its next-generation Atom processors. The new 1.66GHz Atom N450 and 1.83GHz N470 chips are destined for upcoming netbooks, while the D410 single core and D510 1.66GHz processors will […]

Intel Atom rumors: N470 coming soon, DDR3 support on its way

Intel is set to launch its new Pine Trail Atom platform in January, and we expect to see dozens of mini-laptop and desktop computers toting Intel Atom N450, D410, and D510 processors. But according to Fudzilla, there are more next-gen Atom processors on the way. For instance, there’s the upcoming Intel Atom N470, which Fudzilla […]

Intel to demo Atom N450 based netbooks in September

Intel is expected to showcase a number of new products at the Intel Developer Forum or IDF in September. That includes a number of Moorestown-based MIDs, details about its next-generation Medfield platform for MIDs, and the first netbooks based on the Intel Atom N450 processor. Atom N450-based netbooks aren’t expected to hit the streets until […]

If it ain’t broke: PC makers may be slow to move from Atom N270 to Atom N450

Intel is expected to launch its next generation Atom processors later this year. The netbook version, the Atom N450, will consume less power than today’s chips while offering a little bit of a speed boost. But according to DigiTimes, some PC makers say they “will not take an aggressive role” in luanching netbooks based on […]

Intel to launch Atom N450 “Pine Trail” around October

Intel’s next generation Atom processor will be out in October at the earliest, according to DigTimes. The site attributes this time frame to “industry sources,” but DigiTimes has a pretty good track record of finding honest to goodness industry sources that know what they’re talking about, so there’s a decent chance this is real. According […]