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Intel’s upcoming “Jasper Lake” chips could bring Gen11 graphics to Celeron and Pentium low-power processors

Intel doesn’t use the Atom name very much anymore, but the company still ships a lot of Atom-based, low-power processors for use in low-cost Chromebooks and Windows laptops. Basically if you find a sub-$300 laptop with an Intel Celeron or Pentium processor based on Gemini Lake or Apollo Lake architecture, you’re probably getting the successor […]

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Intel Haswell chips to offer up to 3x better graphics performance (in some configurations)

Intel has been getting serious about beefing up the graphics capabilities of its processors over the past few years. The company’s 3rd-generation Core family of processors included Intel HD 4000 graphics that were good enough to play many recent video games without a separate, dedicated graphics card. And things are looking even brighter for the […]