DeviceVM launches Splashtop 2.0 quick boot environment

The folks behind the quick booting Splashtop environment are introducing a major update this week. Splashtop is basically a light weight Linux environment that loads in about 10 seconds on a machine with an Intel Atom processor, allowing you to load a web browser, make a call with Skype, chat on IM, or perform other […]

Phoenix and Intel team up on Moblin/Hyperspace quick-boot OS for netbooks

Phoenix Technologies’ HyperSpace software is a quick-booting software environment that can coexist on a PC with Windows or other full featured operating systems. In other words, you have a choice when you hit the power button of waiting 45 seconds or longer to boot into a full desktop operating system, or you can launch HyperSpace […]

LG launches LG-X120 netbook with 3G wireless

LG unveiled its next generation mini-laptop at Mobile World Congress yesterday. The LG-X120 follows on the heels of the company’s LG-X110 mini-laptop. The new model features an integrated HSPA modem, a 160GB hard drive, and Smart-On technology, which is basically LG’s “instant-on” interface that allows you to access some programs just a few seconds after […]

HyperSpace quick start software coming to the Eee PC

Phoenix Technologies has signed a deal with Asus to include HyperSpace “instant on” software on new Asus laptops. A Phoenix spokesperson tells me that includes at least some Eee PC netbook models. HyperSpace is basically a stripped down operating system that boots faster than Windows or a full Linux distro, letting you access some apps […]