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Virtual mouse app for Linux phones makes desktop apps easier to use

Linux phones are basically just small, low-power Linux computers with touchscreens, and modems. While most mobile Linux distributions designed for phones feature touch-friendly user interfaces and apps, you can also run desktop applications on a Linux phone. But you may have trouble actually using software that obviously weren’t designed for small screens, because it can be […]

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iPads may pick up trackpad and mouse support in iOS/iPadOS 13.4

You’ve been able to use keyboards with iPads for as long as there have been iPads. But mouse support? That’s a different story. The first time Apple added any support for an external mouse was the release of iOS 13, which included mouse support as an accessibility setting — but you can basically just use a mouse […]

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Ploopy is an open-source trackball kit (pre-order one or build your own)

These days there are plenty of ways to interact with computers including mice, touchpads, touchscreens, and pens (and keyboards, of course). But one option that’s largely fallen by the wayside is the trackball. While a handful of companies continue to offer “trackball mouse” accessories that are basically mice with a rolling wheel in the side, […]

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Samsung’s new Smart TVs will support keyboard and mouse input

The line between computers and… everything else keeps getting blurrier. The phone in your pocket is basically a computer. Your smart thermostat? It’s a specialized computer. And your smart TV that can stream content from Netflix and YouTube? Computer. But it’s easy to forget that because you don’t usually interact with those devices the same […]

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Sensel Morph touchpad can also be a keyboard, canvas, and more (crowdfunding)

Sure, your laptop probably has a touchpad and your tablet certainly has a touchscreen. But Sensel thinks there’s a market for a better touchpad. The Sensel Morph is a large, pressure-sensitive touch surface that you can use to tap, click, or swipe. But you can also turn the touchpad into a keyboard, a painter’s canvas, or […]

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Leap Motion’s $80 motion controller hits the streets, underwhelms

Leap Motion wants to bring motion controls to computers the same way keyboards brought typing. For $80 you can pick up a sensor that plugs into your PC and lets you interact with a computer by waving your hands, fingers, or other digits around to control games, maps, or other apps. At least that’s the […]

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Experimental handwriting support added to Chromium OS

The first notebooks running Google Chrome OS will go on sale next month, and Google says right now its targeting the operating system at notebook and desktop computers, not tablets. But behind the scenes we’ve seen plenty of evidence that Google is also considering how to make Chrome OS tablet-friendly. The latest clue comes from […]

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m • pad tablet concept combines touch, pen, button input… sadly isn’t real

Capacitive touchscreen tablets are great for some things. Launching applications, arranging shortcuts, or playing touch-based games like Angry Birds is awesome on a touch device like the Apple iPad or Motorola XOOM. But some things are easier to accomplish with physical buttons or a pen for more precise input. Designer Volker Hübner has come up […]