Gemini dual-screen laptop (or two tablets) returns to Indiegogo

The Gemini dual-screen laptop (which is really just two tablets) has returned to Indiegogo about a month after the campaign was paused and put under review. According to the folks behind this unusual dual-screen/dual-device product, Indiegogo has “finished reviewing our functional product and video,” but the team doesn’t note one other change — the company […]

Shady Pebble smartwatch clone hits Indiegogo (Updated)

Before the Apple, Samsung, and Google got into the smartwatch game, there was Pebble. The startup made affordable watches with electronic paper displays, the ability to display smartphone notifications, and an app store that was filled with third-party apps. Activity tracker company Fitbit acquired Pebble a few years ago and used some of the company’s […]

Chuwi AeroBook 13″ laptop with Intel Core m3 hits Indiegogo for $399 and up

The Chuwi AeroBook is a thin and light laptop with a 13.3 inch, 1920 x 1080 pixel display, an Intel Core m3-6Y30 processor, 8GB of RAM, and at least 128GB of storage. It’s the latest in a line of low-cost laptops from Chinese device maker Chuwi and it’s expected to retail for about $499 when […]

Indiegogo’s will only charge crowdfunding backers when an item ships (for some campaigns)

Crowdfunding site Indiegogo plans to roll out a new option for some campaigns next year that means if you back a project that fails to ship a product, you’ll get a refund for any money you paid. It’s called “guaranteed shipping,” and it’s not something you’ll see for every campaign. After all, the whole point of […]

Nubia’s Red Magic gaming phone hits Indiegogo for $399 (not shipping to North America… yet)

As promised, Nubia is taking pre-orders for its Red Magic gaming smartphone through crowdfunding site Indiegogo. Early adopters can reserve one for $399, and the phone is scheduled to start shipping in May. The company says it’ll ship phones to Europe, the UK, Australia, Brazil, Russia, India, and a number of other countries in Asia […]

Indiegogo clamps down on shady crowdfunding campaigns (a little bit)

Indiegogo has long had a reputation as the tech-related crowdfunding campaign for projects that may not have been suitable for Kickstarter… often because they don’t have the working prototypes required by Kickstarter. But now Indiegogo is taking steps to ensure that backers of crowdfunding campaigns on its platform are better informed about the current status […]

Indiegogo cancels Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ handheld console campaign

After raising more than £500 thousand in a crowdfunding campaign last year, the developers of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ promised to ship their retro PC-in-a-modern-handheld to backers in October. That didn’t happen. And after a repeated series of delays and promises left unkept, the BBC reports that Indiegogo has “halted” the campaign. Effectively that means […]

Motorola and Indiegogo want your Moto Mod ideas (Moto Z smartphone modules)

Motorola’s Moto Z can be used as a standalone smartphone, but what makes the phone unusual is its support for Moto Mods, which are modules you can slap on the back of the phone to add functionality. Right now Motorola offers 5 different Moto Mods, including a speaker, a projector, a camera with a zoom-lens, […]