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Apple appeals the Epic Games ruling, asks for stay on order to (sightly) loosen App Store restrictions

Apple is appealing a court ruling from September that would have required it to allow iPhone and iPad app developers to accept in-app payments using third-party payment systems. Currently not only does Apple require developers to use Apple’ own in-app payment service, with Apple taking a 30% commission on all purchases, but the company prevents […]

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Apple will let apps like Netflix and Spotify link to their websites (sidestepping in-app payments)

Apple has long faced scrutiny for App Store policies that require, among other things, all in-app purchases including subscriptions to be made through Apple’s payment service, allowing the company to take a cut. But now Apple is easing up… a little. Early next year, Apple says it will update its guidelines, allowing developers of some […]

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Lilbits (1-26-2015): Using tablets as desktops

There are a growing number of Windows tablets that sell for under $200. In fact, some cost less then $100. While they’re positioned as low-cost alternatives to Apple iPads or tablets running Android, most of these little tablets have Intel processors and support for running full-fledged Windows desktop apps. It can be tricky to actually use […]

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Google Play Store to show price ranges for in-app purchases (starting Sept 30th)

Mobile app stores are choc full of freemium apps which cost nothing to download… but which have functionality that can only be unlocked through in-app purchases. Soon Android users will be able to get an idea of how much money you’re expected to spend on one of these “free” apps. Starting September 30th, the Google Play […]

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PayPal launches Android SDK, offers devs another option for in-app payments

Google offers tools that let Android developers collect payment for in-app purchases using Google Checkout. But now developers that want to let users make payments using a credit card or PayPal can offer that option, thanks to a new Android SDK from PayPal. PayPal says the SDK supports Android 2.2 or later, which should cover […]