Lilbits: The tiniest “iMac,” Android for PCs, and Surface Duo unboxed

Apple sells iMac computers with a choice of 21.5 inch or 27 inch displays. Want something a bit smaller? Then you’re just going to have to build one yourself… like YouTuber The Casual Engineer did. Kind of. The “World’s Smallest iMac” looks like an Apple computer, but behind the 7 inch display is a Raspberry […]

Lilbits: Apple’s new iMacs, smartphone gaming, and smartphones with… removable displays?

A few years ago it looked like modular smartphones might become a thing. But with Project Ara dead, and LG’s brief flirtation with modularity abandoned, the only major phone maker still offering any sort of modular design is Motorola, which released its fourth-gen Moto Z with support for modular add-ons last year. But it looks […]

Apple’s new 21.5 inch iMac torn down, found surprisingly easy to upgrade

Apple’s new iMac desktop computers feature Intel Kaby Lake chips, brighter displays, faster storage, and improved graphics. But it turns out there’s another change that Apple didn’t talk about when unveiling its 2017 iMac lineup. The new models are also easier to upgrade or repair. Well, kind of. The folks at iFixit tore apart a new […]

Apple’s $4,999 iMac Pro will be its most powerful PC when it launches in December

It’s been a few years since Apple has updated its Mac Pro desktop computer lineup, and it could be a while before the company’s next-gen model is ready. But folks looking for a high-performance Mac will have a new option later this year. The Apple iMac Pro is coming in December for $4,999 and up, […]

Apple updates iMac lineup with Kaby Lake chips, better graphics, improved screens

Apple is updating its iMac line of all-in-one desktops with new models sporting Intel Kaby Lake chips, improved displays, and support for faster graphics, more memory, and speedier storage, among other things. The new models continue to come in 21.5 inch and 27 inch varieties, but the smaller model now supports up to 32GB of […]

Apple to launch iMac Pro this year, new Mac Pro… later

Apple may have become the company best known for iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks… but the company isn’t giving up on desktop computers, which make up about 20 percent of the company’s computer sales. Apple plans to launch a new iMac all-in-one desktops later this year, including the first “iMac Pro” for high-performance computing. And there’s […]

Apple introduces a 27 inch iMac with a 5K “Retina” display

Apple has been at the forefront of devices with high-resolution displays over the past few years, with its Retina displays for iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks. Now the company is bringing a high-res screen to the iMac family of all-in-one desktops. The 27 inch iMac with Retina Display is the first desktop PC to feature a […]

Lilbits (6-14-2013): Kindle Fire HD for India, Retina iMacs on the way?

Apple’s new MacBook Air laptops with Intel Haswell chips are designed to offer better performance and longer battery life than last year’s models. We can thank the new energy efficient chips for part of the improvement, but Apple also tucked some higher-capacity batteries under the hood. Now you can see what they look like, thanks […]