Apple Watch teardown: Battery is replaceable, other upgrades unlikely

As with practically every high-profile gadget to hit the market, the folks at iFixit took apart Apple Watch Sport to reveal what is inside. There were no new revelations on the hardware. But it looks like the Apple Watch is nearly impossible to repair. The DIY gadget repair website meticulously took apart every possible aspect of Apple […]

Apple’s 2014 Mac Mini may be cheaper… but it’s also harder to upgrade

This month Apple introduced the first major update to its Mac Mini line of desktop computers in two years. The new models feature Intel Haswell processors and starting prices of $499, which makes the new entry-level model about $100 cheaper than the 2012 Mac Mini it replaces. The new models also feature 802.11ac WiFi and […]

Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch dissected

Now that Motorola’s first smartwatch is shipping, the folks at iFixit opened up a Moto 360 up to see what makes it tick… or not tick, since this is an electronic gadget and not a mechanical watch. There aren’t many surprises under the hood… but there are a few. For instance, Motorola says the watch has […]

Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch get the teardown treatment

Now that the first smartwatches featuring Android Wear software are shipping, the folks at iFixit decided to rip them apart and see what they could learn about the hardware behind those watches. It turns out the Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch are easier to take apart and repair than a typical smartphone, earning […]

Lilbits (6-27-2014): Android L keyboard runs on Android K (and older) phones

The next major version of Android isn’t due out until this fall, but now that Google has released factory images for the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 as well as a software developer kit, it’s possible to try it out. That’s great news for developers… but casual users might want to wait a while. Android […]

Lilbits (6-23-2014): Get a $650 credit to trade a MacBook Air for a Surface Pro 3

Microsoft says its latest tablet can replace a notebook. Now the company’s putting its money where its mouth is by offering shoppers up to $650 in credit when they trade in select MacBook Air models for a Surface Pro 3 tablet. As WinBeta notes, you’ll need a working device, you’ll have to take it into […]