Microsoft Surface Studio teardown reveals storage is upgradable, nothing else is

The Microsoft Surface Studio is an all-in-one desktop computer with support for pen input and an adjustable 28 inch display that allows you to tilt the screen so that it becomes a surface for writing, drawing, or other surface work that would normally require a separate graphics tablet. It’s a high-end computer with a starting […]

iFixit tears apart Google Home, finds Chromecast parts inside

Google Home is a $129 smart home speaker that can answer questions, play games, and stream media to a Chromecast device in your house. Under the hood, it also seems to have many of the same parts as a Chromecast. The folks at internet repair shop iFixit have disassembled a Google Home to see what […]

Google Pixel XL gets the iFixit teardown treatment

Google’s Pixel smartphones are now shipping, and this week I published more than 6 thousand words and a bunch of videos and pictures about the phone’s design, software, and performance. But sometimes it’s what’s inside that counts, right? So the folks at iFixit tore open the phone to see exactly what is on the inside… and […]

iFixit iPhone 7 Plus teardown reveals what’s inside Apple’s phone with no headphone jack

Apple’s latest iPhones look a lot like their predecessors, in terms of design. But the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have a few distinctive new features, including waterproof cases, a touch-sensitive home “button” that’s not a mechanical button anymore, and a single port that’s now used for connecting power, headphones, or anything else. But […]

iFixit’s LG G5 teardown shows modularity isn’t just skin deep

The LG G5 smartphone is one of the few flagship smartphones launched in 2016 to feature both a removable battery and a microSD card slot, both of which could help extend the lifespan of the device by letting you replace a dying battery or add extra storage. But the phone’s standout feature isn’t just that you […]

Fairphone 2 teardown by iFixit shows a phone meant to be… torn down

If you’ve got a modern smartphone with a broken camera, battery, or display, odds are that you’ll need to send it to the manufacturer or a repair shop to fix what’s broken. Or you can try to do it yourself using replacement parts ordered over the internet and instructions found at sites like iFixit. But there’s […]