Microsoft Surface Pro X is the most repairable to date (which isn’t saying a lot)

The Microsoft Surface Pro X is the first tablet in the Surface Pro lineup to feature an ARM-based processor. And while that means it has integrated LTE and theoretically long battery life (which in fact varies depending on usage), early reviews suggest the $1,000+ tablet struggles with app compatibility issues. On the bright side, Microsoft […]

iFixit’s Samsung Galaxy Fold teardown shows how easy it is to break the $2000 folding phone

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold smartphone was supposed to be available to the public this Friday. But after multiple reports of broken displays on demo units sent to reviewers, Samsung has postponed the launch of its ambitious, expensive smartphone with a foldable display. The folks at online repair shop iFixit did manage to get their hands on […]

Motorola partners with iFixit to offer smartphone repair kits

Modern smartphones include a handful of features designed to make them tougher to break. Corning’s Gorilla Glass and similar technologies give many phones a tough-to-scratch screen. And a growing number of phones are waterproof, which means you can use them in the rain, splash water on them in the kitchen, or even drop them in the toilet […]

iFixit tears apart a Galaxy Note FE, confirms it’s a Galaxy Note 7 with a smaller battery

Not that this should come as any surprise, but it turns out that if you crack open the case of Samsung’s newly released Galaxy Note Fandom Edition (FE) smartphones, what you’ll find is a device that looks virtually identical to last year’s Galaxy Note 7. The only difference? A smaller battery. Samsung pretty much told […]

Apple’s new 21.5 inch iMac torn down, found surprisingly easy to upgrade

Apple’s new iMac desktop computers feature Intel Kaby Lake chips, brighter displays, faster storage, and improved graphics. But it turns out there’s another change that Apple didn’t talk about when unveiling its 2017 iMac lineup. The new models are also easier to upgrade or repair. Well, kind of. The folks at iFixit tore apart a new […]

iFixit: Apple’s new $329 iPad is basically an iPad Air 1, but 44 percent brighter

Apple’s new iPad may not be much of an upgrade from earlier Apple tablets, but with a starting price of $329, it is cheaper… and I suppose there’s something nice about getting the same hardware for a lower price. But the same hardware as what? According to the folks at iFixit, the new iPad is a […]

Microsoft Surface Studio teardown reveals storage is upgradable, nothing else is

The Microsoft Surface Studio is an all-in-one desktop computer with support for pen input and an adjustable 28 inch display that allows you to tilt the screen so that it becomes a surface for writing, drawing, or other surface work that would normally require a separate graphics tablet. It’s a high-end computer with a starting […]

iFixit tears apart Google Home, finds Chromecast parts inside

Google Home is a $129 smart home speaker that can answer questions, play games, and stream media to a Chromecast device in your house. Under the hood, it also seems to have many of the same parts as a Chromecast. The folks at internet repair shop iFixit have disassembled a Google Home to see what […]