HP Pavilion Wave is a compact desktop for the office or living room

HP is rethinking the concept of a desktop tower PC. The company’s new Pavilion Wave isn’t just smaller than a typical tower, it’s also shaped differently, covered in different materials, and designed to be useful in the home office or in the living room. The HP Pavilion Wave will be available September 16th for about $530 […]

Nubia Z11 smartphone launches globally (flagship specs, bezel-free design)

The Nubia Z11 is a smartphone with a 5.5 inch, 1920 x 1080 pixel display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, up to 6GB of RAM, a fingerprint scanner, USB-C port, and 64GB of storage. In other words, it has the kind of specs you’d expect from a flagship smartphone in 2016. But Nubia also describes […]

Lenovo’s 12.2 inch Miix 510 2-in-1 tablet coming in October for $600 and up

As expected, Lenovo’s Miix 510 2-in-1 Windows tablet is coming soon… but what wasn’t quite expected was the price for this 12.2 inch Windows tablet. It’ll sell for $600 and up when it hits the streets in October. That’s less than I was expecting, and it seems like a reasonably good price when you consider […]

Lenovo Yoga 910 is a convertible Kaby Lake notebook with optional 4K display

Lenovo’s Yoga Book convertible notebook may have an innovative new input area, but it still basically has the guts of a cheap laptop. Want something a little more high-performance? Meet the Lenovo Yoga 910. It’s a 13.9 inch notebook with an optional 4K display, a slim bezel, a hinge that lets you push the screen back […]

Lenovo Yoga Book has multi-purpose touch surface instead of physical keyboard

Lenovo has been offering convertible notebooks under its Yoga brand for a few years. Thanks to a 360 degree hinge and touchscreen display, you can fold the screen all the way back and use a Yoga PC like a tablet. But the new 10.1 inch Lenovo Yoga Book takes things even further. Instead of a physical […]

Asus unveils ZenScreen portable monitor

Have a notebook with a small display… but need a little extra screen space on the go from time to time? There are a handful of portable monitors designed to plug into the USB port of a notebook or tablet. But the Asus ZenScreen is one of the most portable 15.6 inch monitors I’ve seen […]

Acer Swift 7 is a 2.5 pound notebook that measure 0.4 inches thick (coming in October for $999)

The thinnest and lightest member of Acer’s new Swift notebook lineup is a model that measures 0.39 inches thick, and which weighs about 2.5 pounds. The Acer Swift 7 also happens to be the most expensive member of Acer’s new line of notebooks. It’s expected to sell for $999 and up when it goes on sale […]