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Asus introduces the $349 Transformer Book T100 convertible tablet with Bay Trail

Asus is officially introducing its first tablet featuring an Intel Atom Bay Trail processor. The company showed off the upcoming Transformer Book T100 during Intel’s press conference at IDF in San Francisco, but now Asus is providing more details about the 10 inch Windows tablet. The Transformer Book T300 is due out in late October […]

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Asus, Acer, Dell, Toshiba among first to unveil Bay Trail tablets

With Intel’s Bay Trail processors are ready to go, device makers are unveiling some of the first tablets that will use the new low-power chips. Toshiba was first out of the gate when the company introduced the 8 inch Encore tablet earlier this month. Now Asus, Acer, and Dell are following suit. Dell Venue tablet […]

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Intel: Next-gen chips to use 30-percent less power, $100 tablets coming this year

The Intel Developer Forum kicks off in San Francisco today, and the company is outlining some of its plans and expectations for the future. Some of the highlights aren’t really surprises: Next-gen Atom chips, code-named “Bay Trail” will ship soon. 5th-gen Core chips, code-named “Broadwell” are coming next year. ANd 22nm chips for phones are […]

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Intel ships low-power Core i3 Haswell chips for tablets, notebooks

Intel’s 4th-generation Core processors are designed to use less power than their predecessors while offering better graphics performance, among other improvements. A typical Core i5 or Core i7 Haswell chip, for instance, has a TDP of 15W, but offers a performance boost over a similar 17W Ivy Bridge chip. Now Intel is taking power savings […]

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Ultrabooks with Haswell chips could use as little as 100mW while idle

Intel’s upcoming 4th generation Core processors are designed to offer better performance than today’s Ivy Bridge chips, but the new processors, code-named “Haswell,” will also use less power than today’s chips. That means we could see notebooks with tablet-like battery life, and maybe even fanless computers with Haswell chips. But not only are Haswell chips […]

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Tablets with Intel Bay Trail chips could be 2x faster than today’s Clover Trail tablets

Intel’s Atom processors are low power chips designed for netbooks, tablets, smartphones, and other devices where long battery life and fanless designs are more important than bleeding-edge performance. That helps explain why an Atom chip from 2012 isn’t much faster than one from 2008 (unless you count the added support for 1080p HD video playback). […]

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Toshiba Portege Z10t: Windows 8 ultrabook with a detachable tablet

Toshiba’s upcoming Portege Z10t is an ultrabook/tablet hybrid. When the tablet is attached to a keyboard dock you can use it as a laptop. But you can also lift the screen away from the keyboard to use it as a tablet. That’s not exactly an original design. At least half a dozen other companies offer […]