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IDC: 1 billion smartphones shipped in 2013, most running Android

Remember when BlackBerry and Palm dominated the fledgling smartphone market? Things have changed a lot in the past decade. Research firm IDC reports that a billion smartphones were shipped in 2013, and 80 percent of them were running Google’s Android operating system. Apple’s iPhones come in second at just over 15 percent, and everyone else […]

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Report: The tablet market isn’t growing like it used to

More than 217 million tablets were shipped around the world in 2013, which is a more than 50 percent jump from 2012, when an estimated 144 million tablets were shipped. But while you might think that means the market for tablets is still growing like crazy, research firm IDC says tablet growth is actually slowing. According […]

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Reports: PC sales decline by 10% but Chromebooks climb 112%

There’s good news and bad news for PC makers in the latest reports from research firms IDC, Gartner, and NPD. The bad news is that most reports suggest PC sales in 2013 were down about 10 percent from the previous year, with 4th quarter/holiday shipments down about 6 percent from 2013. The good news is that’s […]

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Lilbits (8-12-2013): The uncertain future of BlackBerry

There was a time when BlackBerry devices dominated the smartphone space. But the past few years have been tough for the company, with growing competition from Apple’s iPhone and an army of Android devices. BlackBerry’s brief foray into the tablet space wasn’t exactly a home run either. So what’s a struggling company to do? In […]

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VIA ships fewer x86 processors in 2011, holds onto distant 3rd place

VIA Technologies isn’t exactly a household name, but the Taiwanese company is the third largest maker of x86 processors for notebook, desktop, and server computers. But it’s a distant third place, with VIA capturing just about 0.1 percent of the market in the last quarter of 2011. Researchers at IDC have released their latest report on […]

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Netbook sales may be leveling off — does it matter?

I’ve seen a number of reports over the last few months about how the Netbook segment of the computer industry is leveling off or even declining. The latest update comes from CNET, which reprots that Intel and researchers IDC are both suggesting that Intel Atom chip shipments are representing a smaller portion of overall microchip […]

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Netbooks may or may not be dying… but that doesn’t excuse misleading stats

The idea that netbooks represented a brand new category of computing device was always a bit shaky. And I’m not entirely certain that anyone aside from marketers ever believed it. The truth is that a netbook is just a small, cheap, and light weight laptop. That’s it. If you look at all the so-called netbooks […]

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Mini-notebooks account for 30% of consumer laptop sales in EMEA

Research firm IDC says that 30% of “consumer portable” computer sold in the EMEA region in the fourth quarter of 2008 were mini-laptops. EMEA covers Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Overall, 3.6 million netbooks were sold in the region, accounting for 20% of overall notebook sales and an even higher percentage of consumer oriented […]

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Report shows netbooks are fueling laptop sales growth

Laptop sales are continuing to climb and low cost ultraportables like the Asus Eee PC deserve at least some of the blame/credit. That’s according to a new report from IDC. The report shows that desktop PC sales are down a bit this year in the US, but are still on the rise in other parts […]