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iConsole micro: TV Stick with an Intel CPU, Console OS (Android) software

Console OS is a custom version of Android optimized to run on computers with Intel processors. Don’t have a PC that supports the system requirements? No problem — the developers of the operating system plan to launch a tiny, low-power device that comes with Console OS pre-loaded. The iConsole micro is a TV stick with an Intel […]

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Console OS Kickstarter campaign hopes to bring Android to your PC

Google Android may be developed first and foremost as an operating system for smartphones and tablets. But folks have been figuring out how to run Android on PCs for years, sometimes with mixed results. Last year a group called launched a desktop computer with an Intel Haswell processor and Android software. Now they want to make […]

Posted inNews Haswell-powered gaming PC dual boots Android, Ubuntu

Sure, the graphics capabilities of ARM-based chips keep getting better. But have you ever wished you could run Android games on a computer with desktop-class graphics? Yeah me neither — there’s not really much point, since those games were designed for ARM-based devices. But that’s not stopping the maker of the gaming system from […]