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Lilbits: Raspberry Pi OS 64-bit brings a major speed boost, Toshiba’s impending split up, and a possible GrapheneOS smartphone

Most recent Raspberry Pi single-board computers have 64-bit processors, but up until recently the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s custom Linux distribution designed for the small, inexpensive PCs was only available in a 32-bit version. But last week saw the official release of Raspberry Pi OS 64-bit, which is compatible with the Raspberry PI 3 and newer […]

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Lilbits: WiFi Game Boy Cartridge, Framework modular laptop in Europe, and more

Folks have been hacking the Game Boy for decades, but surprisingly up until now one thing that nobody seems to have done is create a WiFi Game Boy cartridge that allows Nintendo’s original handheld game console to connect to the internet wirelessly. Well, now we can scratch that off the list, because a hacker created […]

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Lilbits: Color E Ink comes at a cost, a high-power Linux laptop, and more

The first eBook reader with color E Ink displays have arrived and they’re… a mixed bag, apparently. Nathan from  The eBook Reader has posted a video comparing the display on the Onyx BOOX Poke2 Color and the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: We already knew that E Ink’s new Kaleido color display technology had some trade-offs: […]

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Lenovo ThinkPad 25th Anniversary Edition launches… for $1899

It’s been 25 years since the first ThinkPad laptop hit the streets. Since then IBM sold the ThinkPad brand to Chinese PC maker Lenovo and laptops have gotten thinner, lighter, and faster. But some folks aren’t convinced all the features on modern laptops are upgrades. So when Lenovo announced that it was developing a 25th […]

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Lenovo’s 25th anniversary ThinkPad may be a T470 variant

Lenovo is set to launch a 25th-anniversary ThinkPad laptop with classic design elements later this year. But a recent leak suggests that while it may have a retro look, the new ThinkPad will have the horsepower of a modern PC. German product testing and certification provider TÜVRheinland has posted a listing for an unannounced Lenovo PC […]

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IBM: phase-change memory could be cheaper than RAM, more versatile

The DRAM currently used by computers and smartphones is faster than flash storage or hard drives, which is why it’s used for random access memory. But DRAM is relatively expensive and it’s volatile memory, which means that it can’t retain any data if the power is cut. There are a number of other technologies that could […]

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Old laptop batteries could bring light to developing nations

Millions of computers are discarded every year: the EPA says that more than 30 million laptop and desktop computers were disposed of in 2010, with about 20 million more going to recycling programs. But just because your old laptop isn’t fast enough to handle the latest video games anymore doesn’t mean it can’t be put […]

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Lilbits (9-30-2014): Monitor and kill battery-draining tabs in a Chromebook

Most operating systems can give you an idea of which apps are using the most CPU power or memory. But there’s a new feature in the dev channel for Chrome OS that goes a bit further and lets you see which apps or web pages are draining the most power from your battery. This could […]