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Lilbits: Steam Deck, Apple’s AR headset, a Linux-friendly video capture card and more

Valve has confirmed that its Steam Deck handheld gaming PC is on track to begin shipping in February, following a short delay. And Apple may be looking at a somewhat longer setback for the virtual reality/augmented reality glasses it’s reportedly been developing since 2015: originally expected to ship this year, they may not be ready […]

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Daily Deals (1-23-2019)

Humble Bundle’s new Caffeine Bundle lets you pay pretty much anything you want to pick up at least three PC games: GoNNER, Headlander, and Treadnaugts. Pay more than the average price and you get three more games: This War of Mine, The Pillars of the Earth, and Dear Esther. Or pay $12 or more to […]

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Deals of the Day (5-09-2018)

Award-winning mobile game Monument Valley is available for free for Android this week. If PC games are more your thing, Humble Bundle’s new War Gamez bundle lets you snag up to $159 worth of games for as little as $10… or 4 games for pretty much any price. Or if a good book is more […]

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Deals of the Day (7-06-2017)

Ever since Humble Bundle branched out from offering bundles of PC games for ridiculously low prices to also offering eBooks and other content, the site has been one of my favorite places to pick up digital books, audiobooks, and graphic novels. Right now Humble Bundle is offering one heck of a deal, by partnering with […]

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Humble Freedom Bundle: $600 worth of games (and more) for $30, all proceeds go to charity

Humble Bundle has been offering opportunities to save money on games, eBooks, and other stuff for years through a series of “bundles” that let you purchase a bunch of items for one deeply discounted price. In fact, you can often set your own price. Right now Humble Bundle is running some deals on PC games, […]

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Deals of the Day (4-15-2015)

Humble Bundle has made a business out of offering groups of games (or eBooks, or other items) for low prices while letting customers choose how to divvy up the sales price so the money is split between the game makers, Humble Bundle, and charity. But right now game developer Electronic Arts is offering over $100 […]

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Lilbits (8-20-2014): Intel partners with Unity to court Android game developers

While most Android phones, tablets, and other devices are powered by ARM-based processors, there are a growing number of Android devices with Intel inside. After reviewing a few recent tablets with Intel Atom Bay Trail chips, I’m convinced that Intel has largely caught up with ARM in the mobile space: tablets like the Asus MeMO […]

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Humble Bundle Android app now supports eBooks, audio (as well as games)

Humble Bundle is a site known for letting you buy a bundle of video games for less than the price of one game. Sometimes the games are Windows-only, but a growing number of bundles include support for Linux and/or Android and the team offers a Humble Bundle Android app that you can use to download […]