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HTC Jetstream 10 inch Honeycomb tablet ROM leaked

Update: AT&T announced this morning that it will be the exclusive launch partner of the HTC Jetstream tablet, formerly known by its code-name “Puccini.” HTC may not have actually announced that it’s making a 10 inch Android tablet yet, but we’ve seen enough leaked photos of the HTC Puccini to know that it’s probably real. Now […]

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HTC Puccini tablet caught on camera surfing AT&T LTE

Since the HTC Puccini checked in at the FCC earlier this month, bits and pieces have been leaking out about the 10″ successor to the HTC Flyer. We’d heard it would ship with a 1.5GHz dual core processor, a 1280×800 pixel display, and Android 3.0.1. That, of course, would make it HTC’s first Honeycomb tablet. On […]

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Meet the HTC Jetstream tablet (formerly known as the Puccini)

HTC’s upcoming 10 inch Android tablet will be available from AT&T as the HTC Jetstream. For the past few months we’ve been seeing leaked photos and software screenshots of a device called the HTC Puccini, but it appears that was simply an internal code name. But according to the latest leak, courtesy of PocketNow, when the […]

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HTC Puccini tablet struts its 4G at the FCC

Word on the street is that HTC is working on a 10 inch Android tablet code-named Puccini. While the company hasn’t yet confirmed the existence of this device, something that sure looks like a 10 inch HTC tablet just popped up on the FCC web site. There aren’t any photos posted and the only specs […]

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HTC Puccini 10 inch tablet coming this summer?

HTC is rumored to be working on a 10 inch Android tabled code-named the HTC Puccini. While the company has yet to confirm the tablet’s existence, DigiTimes says HTC could begin manufacturing large quantities of the tablet next month. DigiTimes is getting its information from “supply chain” sources in Taiwan. I’d take the timing with […]

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HTC Puccini tablet to ship with 1.5 GHz CPU, Android 3.0.1?

We’re starting to see more details about HTC’s upcoming 10 inch Android tablet today. Last week we heard that the HTC Puccini would be the first 10 inch Android tablet from the mobile device maker. Now the folks at the 911sniper blog have posted a few screengrabs and some information about the hardware. According a […]