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HTC One M9 pre-orders open March 27 ($649 unlocked)

The HTC One M9 smartphone will be available in stores starting April 10th. But if you don’t want to wait that long… and have $649 burning a hole in your pocket you’ll be able to order an unlocked HTC One M9 from at 12:01 AM. Or you could save some money and just buy […]

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HTC UH OH: Break your HTC One within a year and HTC will replace it

Buy a smartphone, laptop, or other gadget and you’ll probably get a limited warranty that essentially covers hardware failures that aren’t your fault. But if you want insurance against things that are your fault, you typically need to pay extra for an accidental damage plan. HTC is shaking things up a bit by bundling a new 1-year […]

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HTC launches One (M8) with Windows Phone software

What happens if you take HTC’s latest flagship phone and replace the Android operating system with Windows Phone? Apparently you get the HTC One (M8) for Windows… a new phone that’s available in the United States exclusively from Verizon. Update: And AT&T. You can pick one up starting this afternoon for $100 when you sign up […]

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Lilbits (3-24-2014): Closer look at the LG Smart Watch (and HTC M8)

LG and Motorola are among the first companies to announce plans for smartwatches with Google’s Android Wear software. But while Motorola’s watch has been featured in promotional photos and videos and the company has answered many questions about the upcoming device… LG has been a bit more shy about showing off the G Watch. Now […]

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Even more HTC M8 (all new HTC One) details leaked

There’s still two weeks to go until HTC officially introduces its next-gen flagship phone. But hot on the heels of leaks telling you nearly everything there is to know about the upcoming phone, GSM Arena managed to get their hands on a leaked advertisement that really does leave little to the imagination. Australian wireless carrier […]