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HP Envy Move is a portable 23.8 inch all-in-one PC with a battery and handle

PC makers have been using mobile chips for all-in-one desktop computers for years, as a way to offer fully functional computers that look nearly identical to flat-screen displays that don’t have PC hardware baked in. The new HP Envy Move takes things to the next level, though. It’s an all-in-one PC with a 23.8 inch display and […]

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Google introduces Chromebook Plus branding for ChromeOS laptops with premium specs and features

Chromebooks have long had a reputation as being cheap notebooks that run Google’s browser-based operating system. And that’s certainly true for some Chromebooks. But PC makers have been putting out higher-priced models with better specs, performance, and build quality for almost as long as Chromebooks have been around. Now Google is making it a little easier […]

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HP Chromebook Plus laptops with Alder Lake chips launch Oct 8 for $500 and up

The new HP Chromebook Plus x360 14 is a convertible ChromeOS laptop available with a choice of Intel Core i3-1215U or Core i5-1235U Alder Lake processor options. It’s one of two new Chromebook Plus models from HP that are set to go on sale October 8th, and this one is very much a premium Chromebook with […]

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HP Spectre Foldable is a $4,999 foldable designed to replace your laptop, tablet, and desktop PC

The HP Spectre Foldable is a 3-in-1 computer designed to be used as a tablet, laptop, or portable desktop PC. It has a 17 inch OLED display that can unfold for use in tablet or desktop modes, but which can also be bent at the middle, allowing you to use the computer like a laptop. While […]

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HP launches two new Pavilion Plus laptops: 14 inches with Ryzen 7040H and 16 inches with Intel Raptor Lake and NVIDIA RTX 3050

HP is expanding the Pavilion Plus line of semi-premium laptops with two new models that bring new features to the family. Like the original HP Pavilion Plus 14 that launched last year, the new models offer a mix of fancy features and affordable pricing. But the new Intel Raptor Lake-powered HP Pavilion Plus 16 is […]

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HP Pro x360 Fortis 11 convertible laptop is now available with Intel Alder Lake-N

Earlier this year HP introduced a line of small convertible laptops with Intel Alder Lake-N processors. Now the first of those little laptop is available for purchase… if you’re willing to spend $479 or more on entry-level hardware. The HP Pro X360 11 Fortis G11 is available from B&H as a “special order” with expected ship […]

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HP Pavilion Aero 13 now available with up to Ryzen 7 7735U (Zen 3+ CPU and RDNA 2 graphics)

The HP Pavilion Aero 13 is a 2.2 pound notebook with a 13.3 inch display, a magnesium-aluminum body, and a sleeker design and better performance than I usually expect from laptops in HP’s entry-level Pavilion lineup. HP first launched the line in 2021 and I was pretty impressed with the model I reviewed that year. Now […]

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HP Envy X360 14 inch convertible notebook now available with Raptor Lake-U and a 5MP webcam for $850 and up

The new HP Envy x360 14 is a 3.35 pound notebook with a 13th-gen Intel Core U-series processor, support for up to 16GBof RAM and 1TB of PCIe NVMe storage, a 5MP webcam and a 14 inch, FHD touchscreen display with a 360 degree hinge that allows you to use the computer in laptop or tablet […]

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HP Pavilion Aero 13 now available with up to a Ryzen 7 7735U Rembrandt-R processor (in Europe and India)

The HP Pavilion Aero 13 is a thin and light laptop with a mid-range price but the kind of premium specs and design you’d typically find on more expensive laptops. First launched in 2021, the model I reviewed at the time had a magnesium-aluminum body weighing just 2.2 pounds, but packed a lot of power […]