Lilbits (4-08-2013): HP Project Moonshot, 3Doodler handheld 3D printer

It’s been a year and a half since HP announced Project Moonshot with the goal of bringing low-power, inexpensive servers to the market. As the company struggles to with its failed¬†acquisitions¬†of Palm and Autonomy and declining sales in the PC and printer markets, could its new servers pave the way to the future? Here’s a […]

First HP Project Moonshot servers will use Intel Atom chips (updated)

HP’s Project Moonshot is an initiative to develop low-energy servers that use less electricity than most of today’s models while offering similar performance. When the company unveiled the project in November, HP planned to use low power ARM-based processors. But now HP has changed its tune, and the first servers produced as part of the […]