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ZaReason Terra HD mini-laptop with Linux reviewed

The ZaReason Terra HD is an ultraportable laptop from Linux system builders ZaReason.It sells for $449 and it’s available with a choice of Linux-based operating systems preloaded, including Ubuntu 10.10, Debian 5, or Fedora 13. Ubuntu Linux Tips & Tricks has published a detailed review of the laptop, and the reviewer seemed pretty happy with […]

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HP Mini 5102 review (netbook for business, education markets)

Most netbooks are designed to be cheap and portable above all else. As such, most netbooks are made of cheap and have inexpensive and often tiny keyboards that aren’t really designed to stand up to a lot of wear and tear. And then there’s HP’s line of netbooks designed for business and education customers. These netbooks tend to […]

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HP Mini 5102 touchscreen display: A mixed bag (Video)

HP offers an optional touchscreen display for the HP Mini 5102. This premium netbook is targeted at business and education customers, so it’s likely that most of the folks that get their hands on this particular model will get it through school or work. But if you feel like foregoing the relatively inexpensive “Smart Buy” […]