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Verizon to offer subsidized HP Mini 1000 netbooks

Verizon has already confirmed its plans to sell netbooks in its retail stores. The company hasn’t yet declared which mini-laptops it will make available, or at what price, but it’s looking pretty likely that the HP Mini 1000 will be one of the first. Hot on the heels of a rumor that Verizon and HP […]

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HP and Verizon to offer subsizided netbooks?

We’ve already seen Dell and Acer partner with AT&T to offer discounted netbooks when you sign up for a multi-year wireless broadband service contract. Now it looks like HP and Verizon may offer a similar deal. Engadget reports that an anonymous but “reliable” tipster suggests that Verizon and HP are working together on a subsidized […]

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HP Mini 1000 6 cell battery in its natural environment

As I reported the other day, HP is now shipping the extended 6 cell battery for the HP Mini 1000 netbook. The battery provides twice the run time of the standard 3 cell battery. It’s also at least twice the size. If you want to know what it looks like before purchasing one, check out […]