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Apple will continue to allow web apps on the iOS Home Screen in the EU after all

A few weeks after announcing a series of changes coming to iOS users in the European Union as a response to the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), Apple has reversed course on one of the most controversial changes. Apple had planned to stop users from installing Progressive Web Apps to the Home Screen starting with […]

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iOS 14 overhauls the iPhone home screen with widgets and App Library

More than a decade after Apple and Google started duking it out in the smartphone space, one of the key differences between iOS and Android has remained the home screen. While iPhones have dumped all your apps onto the home screen, Android has had an app drawer for all of your applications, allowing you to […]

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Nova Launcher turns 5, celebrates with Pixel Launcher-style features

Don’t like the home screen that comes with your Android phone? The Google Play Store is filled with alternative “launcher” apps which replace the home screen and app drawer. Nova Launcher is one of the most popular, and it’s also one of the oldest. The app turned 5 years old this week, and developer Cliff […]

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Nokia Z Launcher is an Android home screen replacement, has nothing to do with Microsoft

Nokia may have sold most of its mobile phone business to Microsoft for over $7 billion. But there are still a few folks at Nokia working on phone-related projects… like an Android app launcher called Z Launcher. It’s a replacement for the Android home screen which learns from the way you use your phone and presents […]

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Firefox Launcher for Android is a contextual home screen (coming soon)

Mozilla’s Firefox web browser is already available for Android. Soon you may be able to replace your home screen with Mozilla software as well. Mozilla and EverythingMe are working on a new app called Firefox Launcher. Like EverythingMe’s existing home screen app, Firefox Launcher is a contextual app launcher. That means instead of showing you […]

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Facebook Home app leaked, analyzed in advance of “Facebook phone” launch

Facebook is holding an event on April 4th where the company is expected to introduce some kind of “Facebook phone,” which will basically be an HTC smartphone featuring a custom version of Android with Facebook functionality baked in. The folks at Android Police managed to get their hands on the special Facebook Home app that’s […]

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How to add sideloaded apps to your NOOK Tablet home screen, app library

There are about a thousand apps available for the NOOK Tablet in the official Barnes & Noble Shop. But it’s easy to add thousands of additional apps by downloading them off the internet or installing a third party app store on the tablet. Update: Sideloading Android apps on a NOOK Tablet requires a device running […]