Chromium OS builds for the Raspberri Pi on the way, build your own now

Chromium OS is the open source version of Google’s Chrome Operating System. Like Chrome OS, Chromium is basically an operating system built around a web browser. While there are only a handful of Chrome OS devices available for purchase right now, Google makes the source code for Chromium available — and that means it’s possible […]

Chromium OS Lime offers better hardware support and Java plug-in

Just as with Android, Google makes the open source base for Chrome OS available for all to download. But if you’re not keen on setting up a 64-bit Linux build environment, what can you do? You can download a pre-compiled Chromium OS from Hexxeh, who’s long been the name to know in Chromium OS DIY […]

OpeniBoot on the iPad: Hack for dual-booting Android on the way?

It’s no secret that Apple prefers iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users to run… I don’t know, I guess Apple’s operating system on their devices. But there have been a number of developments recently making it possible (or almost possible, in some cases), for users to replace iOS with another operating system, or even to […]

Pre-release Chrome OS now supports NVIDIA Ion graphics acceleration

Google’s Chrome OS won’t be officially launched until later this year, but the netbook-centric operating system is open source. And that means that anybody can download the code, tinker with it, and put out a pre-release build that you can install and run. And that’s exactly what Hexxeh has done… repeatedly. The latest Hexxeh build […]