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The $47 Powkiddy Y6 GameStick is TV stick for retro gaming (price includes two controllers)

Chinese company Powkiddy has been selling inexpensive handhelds for retro gaming for several years. But the company’s new Powkiddy Y6 GameStick is something a little different. Instead of a handheld game system, the PowKiddy Y6 is a stick that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV, allowing you to play games on a big screen. […]

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ARM, FXI want HDMI sticks to replace cable boxes (with browser-based software)

There are dozens of inexpensive HDMI sticks which you can plug into a TV to surf the web, stream internet video, or play games on your TV. But most of those sticks run Android software and come from companies you haven’t heard of. But chip designerARM is working on a software platform that could mean […]