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ADATA introduces 8.9mm external HDD, claims title of world’s thinnest (if it matters)

Thin is in these days, with smartphone, tablet, and laptop makers constantly striving to make devices that are virtually paper-thin. So why should peripherals be any different? ADATA has introduces a new external hard drive that’s just 8.9mm or about 0.35 inches thick. The ADATA DashDrive Elite HE720 is a 500GB with a USB 3.0 […]

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Western Digital introduces 5mm thick hybrid hard drives for ultrabooks

One way to keep ultrabooks, tablets, and other portable computers thin is to use tiny solid state disks instead of spinning hard drives. But hard drives are generally cheaper and often come with higher storage capacities. So some companies are looking at another solution: thinner hard drives. Earlier this year Intel suggested that we could […]

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Western Digital to buy Hitachi Global Storage

The number of top tier hard drive and solid state disk makers shrinks by one today, with the announcement that Western Digital is acquiring Hitachi Global Storage Technologies. The deal is worth about $4.3 billion, and it gives Hitachi Storage’s parent company (Hitachi Ltd) a share in Western Digital and two seats on the company’s […]

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Acer’s 10 inch netbook will come with Windows, Linux, HDD, and SSD options

All of the information I’ve seen about the new Acer Aspire One netbook with a 10 inch screen has indicated that the laptop will have a 160GB hard drive and run Windows XP. And according to ZDNet, that’s true of the first generation models that should be hitting the shelves in mid-February. But the Acer […]