Quake III, HD video demoed on netbooks with GMA 500 graphics, Moblin Linux

Most netbooks released over the past year have shipped with Intel Atom N270/N280 processors and GMA 950 graphics. But a handful use a different chipset designed to provide longer battery life and enhanced graphics performance. While the Intel Atom Z520/Z530 processors are noticeably more sluggish than their N2xx counterparts, the GMA 500 graphics chipset shows […]

Adobe Flash works with NVIDIA ION, Tegra, Broadcom hardware – Video

We already knew that Adobe was working with NVIDIA and Broadcom to enabled hardware acceleration for Flash Player 10.1. But sometimes it’s nice to see it in action. I’ve already highlighted videos showing netbooks with Intel Atom processors and NVIDIA ION graphics handling 1080p Flash video… but Blogeee dug up another video that shows even […]

Samsung NC10 hack: Adding Broadcom HD decoder to enable HD video

Intel Atom powered netbooks with integrated graphics are known for long battery life and halfway decent performance. They’re not known for handling CPU-intensive tasks like decoding HD video. For that you have third party solutions like the NVIDIA ION chipset or Broadcom’s HD decoder for netbooks. While some companies including Dell and HP are offering […]

NVIDIA and Adobe to support hardware acceleration for HD Flash video

Netbooks with Intel Atom processors generally have enough power to handle 720p video playback. And if they have 1024 x 600 pixel or lower resolution screens, they can handle standard definition and some high quality Flash video playback in full screen mode. But there are two things that no netbook I’ve used to date have […]

FaceVision launches 1080p capable video card for netbooks with ExpressCard slots

We’re starting to see PC makers include video accelerators in netbooks, including the NVIDIA ION graphics chipset and Broadcom Crystal HD video accelerator. But what if you already have a netbook and don’t want to go out and buy a new one just to watch a few 1080p HD videos? Quanta subsidiary FaceVision is launching […]