How to enable HD video playback on GMA 500 netbooks with Ubuntu Linux

We’re about to be hit with a flood of netbooks sporting Intel’s new Atom N450 processor and GMA 3150 graphics. But there are already a ton of netbooks with Intel’s older chipset on the market. And for the most part that means Atom N270/N280 and GMA 950 graphics. But there’s also a marginally less common […]

Broadcom introduces next-gen Crystal HD video accelerator for netbooks

Broadcom is rolling out an updated version of the company’s Crystal HD video accelerator for netbooks and notebooks. Like previous versions, the new Crystal HD chip is a media coprocessor that adds 1080P HD video playback capabilities to low power notebooks that wouldn’t otherwise be able to handle HD video playback. In fact, there’s not […]

Confirmed: Adobe Flash 10.1 plays well with Broadcom’s HD video accelerator

When Adobe launched a public beta of Adobe Flash Player 10.1 yesterday, the company released a list of graphics cards that could work with the software to enable hardware-accelerated HD Flash video playback. Along with graphics cards from NVIDIA, ATI, and Intel, the Broadcom Crystal HD Enhanced Media Accelerator was on that list. The Broadcom […]

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 tested extensively – HD Flash video is about to explode

This morning I showed you a few videos I shot highlighting just how much better Adobe Flash Player 10.1 beta handles HD Flash content than Adobe Flash 10 on a low power nettop with NVIDIA ION graphics. Now a number of other web sites are weighing in with slightly more scientific tests. Adobe released a […]

First look at the Zune HD with NVIDIA Tegra – Video

The NVIDIA Tegra platform combines a low power ARM processor with high performance NVIDIA graphics to enable HD video playback on low power devices with excellent battery life. We’re still waiting for the first NVIDIA Tegra powered netbooks or smartbooks to hit the market. But there is one device that’s already available that uses the […]