Open source HD video drivers for Allwinner A10 chips on the way

Folks have been running Ubuntu, Fedora, and other GNU/Linux operating systems on devices like the MK802 mini PC for well over a year. While the Allwinner A10 processor that powers those devices isn’t the most powerful ARM-based chip around (not by a long shot), it’s inexpensive and provides enough power for basic tasks such as […]

New kernel brings Netflix to Android 4.0 Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire owners have been hacking Amazon’s $199 Android 2.3 tablet to install unofficial versions of Android 4.0 since late last year. But while those early builds of Android 4.0 offer most of the feature’s you’d expect, up until now they’ve been based on older Android kernels and have lacked support for features such as hardware […]

Next-gen Intel Atom chips to feature HD-capable GMA3600 graphics

Intel’s next generation Atom processors for netbooks, tablets, and desktops are due out by year’s end, and while the Cedar Trail chips won’t offer much more processing power than today’s Pine Trail chips, it looks like they will offer much better graphics performance. We already knew that the Cedar Trail platform would support 1080p HD […]

Habey shrinks its Broadcom HD video decoder

Habey has introduced a new version of its HD video decoder which is even smaller than the HB-VD904 PCIe mini card the company introduced last summer. The new Habey HB-VD920 is a half height PCI Express Mini card which you can add to any netbook, tablet, or desktop computer to enable support for 1080p HD […]

KDDI develops tech for watching HD videos on mobile screens: Enhance!

Netbook, smartphone, and tablet makers love to point out the technology that lets you watch HD video on mobile devices. And sure, it’s handy to be able to copy your HD video collection to your portable device for viewing on the go without spending hours transcoding media files first. But let’s face it: It still […]

Jolicloud Linux demo shows 720p Flash video playback with an Atom N550 chip

When the folks at Jolicloud announced that version 1.1 of the company’s Linux-based operating system would add support for 720p HD YouTube video playback and 1080p local HD video playback on a netbook with a dual core Intel Atom N550 processor, plenty of people were skeptical. While we still haven’t seen the 1080p promise turned […]

Boxee Box up for pre-order, NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip replaced with Intel Atom CE4100

Earlier this year the folks at Boxee started showing off an unusually shaped set-top box designed to run the company’s media center software. I got a chance to check out an early prototype at CES and at the time it was sporting a low power NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip capable of playing 1080p HD video. […]

Habey sells the Broadcom Crystal HD video accelerator for $50

The Broadcom Crystal HD video accelerator is a media coprocessor that adds support for HD video playback on computers with slow processors and graphics cards that normally wouldn’t be able to handle high definition video. A handful of netbooks on the market today ship with the card pre-installed, and hackers have been picking up cheap […]