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Lilbits: More Samsung leaks, BootHole GRUB2 bootloader vulnerability, and more

A new security vulnerability could leave many Linux and Windows computers using the GRUB2 bootloader open to attack. After acquiring the maker of the Focals smart glasses recently, Google is bricking users’s hardware and offering refunds with just a few days notice. And with Samsung’s August 5th event just a week away, details about the […]

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Amazon’s Fire TV Universal Search now covers Netflix and HBO

It’s easy to search for movies or TV shows from Amazon if you’re using an Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, as well as some videos from third-party apps. But up until recently, two of the most popular online video services weren’t included in the Fire TV Universal Search feature. Now Amazon is rolling […]

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HBO Now launches for Amazon Fire TV and TV Stick

Want to watch HBO without paying for a cable or satellite subscription? HBO Now lets you stream the network’s movies and TV shows over the internet for $15 per month. When the service first launched earlier this year it was only available for apple products. These days you can use HBO Now with Google Chromecast, phones and […]

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HBO Now comes to Google Chromecast (along with Food Network and more)

Now you can stream HBO programs and movies to a Chromecast without paying for a cable or satellite subscription. HBO’s $15-per-month, online-only HBO Now service is now available for Chromecast. HBO Now launched on Apple products in April and arrived for Android and Amazon Fire devices in July. Now you can use it with Google’s $35 […]

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HBO Now launches for Amazon Fire (and Android) devices

HBO is bringing its online video streaming service to more platforms, starting with Amazon Fire and Google Android devices. You use the HBO NOW apps from the Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore or Android to stream movies or TV shows to a smartphone or tablet (including Amazon’s Fire tablets). Support for Google’s Chromecast and Amazon’s Fire […]

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HBO Now is coming to Android, Android TV, and Chromecast

Google has announced that HBO’s subscription-based streaming video service is coming to Google Play. That means subscribers will be able to watch HBO content on an Android phone or tablet, on Android TV, or on any TV with a Google Chromecast. Speaking of Chromecast, Google has revealed that it’s sold 17 million units of the $35 […]

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HBO NOW coming in April for $14.99 per month (exclusively on Apple at launch)

HBO is launching a new subscription-based service that lets you stream movies, TV shows, and other content over the internet without a cable or satellite subscription. HBO NOW launches in April and a subscription will cost $14.99 per month. There’s just one catch: at launch HBO Now will only be available for Apple devices. Customers […]