Mr.NUC V6 is a $299 mini PC kit with Intel Core i3 Haswell

There’s no shortage of tiny desktop computers these days. Some models have ARM-based chips, while others have low-power Intel Bay Trail processors. And then there’s Intel’s NUC line of mini-desktops, which have Intel Core series chips. A Chinese device maker has apparently decided to capitalize on the NUC name by launching its own small form-factor […]

Zotac ZBOX MI521nano XS is a tiny desktop with Core i3 Haswell

Zotac’s latest mini-desktop computer takes the nano XS series case the company introduced a few years ago and swaps out the AMD chip for an Intel Core i3 Haswell processor. The Zotac ZBOX MI521 nano XS features a Core i3-4030U dual-core processor and Intel HD graphics. Zotac will offer two models. There’s a barebones version […]

Intel updates Bay Trail, Haswell chip families for low-power portables

Intel is updating its notebook chip family with a number of slightly faster Haswell and Bay Trail processors including 7 new chips aimed at relatively low-power portable notebooks or 2-in-1 systems. There are 4 new Bay Trail chips which use 7.5W or less, and 3 new 28W Haswell ULV (ultra low voltage) chips for higher-performance […]