Bootlin working on hardware-accelerated video for Allwinner devices running Linux (crowdfunding)

There are a number of small, low-power computing devices powered by Allwinner processors, including single-board computers from CHIP, Pine64, Orange Pi, and others. But whenever I write about one of these products, someone invariably points out that while they can technically run both Android and Linux, you only get hardware-accelerated graphics if you use Android. Now […]

Android 3.0 Honeycomb port for Notion Ink Adam and Advent Vega gets hardware acceleration

Earlier, Google announced that Android 3.0 Honeycomb won’t be open sourced – meaning AOSP fans will have to wait until Android 3.1 is released to get their hands on the updated code. That’s not going to stop modders from getting Honeycomb running on unsupported devices, of course. Last week, the Notion Ink Adam got its […]

Adobe Flash Player 10.2 beta brings better hardware acceleration support

Adobe has launched a public beta of Flash Player 10.2. The biggest change is support for Adobe’s new Stage Video API, which improves support for hardware video acceleration. Translation: If you’ve got a supported video card, you’ll be able to watch HD Flash video without straining your CPU, which means you’ll be able to watch […]

Confirmed: Adobe Flash 10.1 plays well with Broadcom’s HD video accelerator

When Adobe launched a public beta of Adobe Flash Player 10.1 yesterday, the company released a list of graphics cards that could work with the software to enable hardware-accelerated HD Flash video playback. Along with graphics cards from NVIDIA, ATI, and Intel, the Broadcom Crystal HD Enhanced Media Accelerator was on that list. The Broadcom […]