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Lilbits: Pixel Tablet leaked, Mac Pro delayed, and sideloading apps on the Amazon Echo Show 15

Google’s upcoming Pixel Tablet is set to launch next year and while the company hasn’t officially told us much about it yet, details have been leaking for a while. Now a prototype of the Pixel Tablet has shown up on Facebook Marketplace, giving us an even better idea of what to expect. In other recent […]

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Windows 10 Build 17074 brings Quiet Hours, Edge updates, and Spectre and Meltdown patches

Microsoft is rolling out a new build of Windows to members of the Insider Preview program. Among other things, Windows 10 Build 17074 makes the Edge web browser into a better app for reading eBooks, support for saving payment information so you can autofill web forms, and a new Quiet Hours feature that lets you […]

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Google’s Gboard keyboard app now supports handwriting (and more)

Google has updated its Gboard app for Android, and version 6.8 includes larger images in the emoji picker and a whole new(ish) way to enter text. There’s now support for handwriting. Previously you had to install a separate keyboard app if you wanted to print letters rather than typing on a virtual keyboard. But starting […]

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Lilbits (3-05-2014): Google Android finds its voice

One of the key features of Google Android is its voice recognition and text-to-speech engine which lets you talk to your phone and receive spoken replies. But if your phone’s voice has always sounded a bit… basic, the latest version of the Google Text-to-Speech app could improve things dramatically. Instead of voice data files that […]

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Gmail, Google Docs now support handwriting input

Google has added support for handwriting input to Gmail and Google Docs. You can use a mouse or touchpad to enter text, but this’ll really come in handy if you’re using one of Google’s web apps on a touchscreen tablet that doesn’t normally support handwriting input as a form of text entry. At launch, 20 […]

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NoteSlate will cost more than $99 if and when it ever arrives

The NoteSlate saga continues. Earlier this year a company called NoteSlate showed off a concept for a $99 note-taking tablet with a 13 inch, two-tone display. A few days ago I noted that the product had yet to move past the concept phase and despite the company’s initial promises it wouldn’t be shipping this summer. […]

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NoteSlate’s $99 note device is still just a concept, but Boogie Board is already available

Earlier this year a company called NoteSlate generated quite a bit of buzz with the promise of an inexpensive tablet designed for taking handwritten notes. The idea was that for $99 you’d get a slate with a two-tone display (black and white, red and black, or another combination), and a stylus. The device would have […]

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Experimental handwriting support added to Chromium OS

The first notebooks running Google Chrome OS will go on sale next month, and Google says right now its targeting the operating system at notebook and desktop computers, not tablets. But behind the scenes we’ve seen plenty of evidence that Google is also considering how to make Chrome OS tablet-friendly. The latest clue comes from […]

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SmartNote for iPad lets you write, draw with palm-ignoring technology

One of the iPad complaints I hear from long-time tablet PC enthusiasts is that the Apple iPad’s capacitive touchscreen isn’t really designed for accurate drawing or handwriting. That’s because it doesn’t recognize pressure-sensitive input and it doesn’t automatically ignore input from your palm. That means if you rest your palm on the screen while using […]