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GPD Win 2 handheld gaming PC to have new design, 6 inch screen, Core M3 processor

About two months after the first pictures of a GPD Win 2 prototype hit the web, the company has revealed the specs for its 2nd-generation handheld gaming PC. As expected, the new model has a bigger screen, a faster processor, and an improved keyboard to help set it apart from the model I tested last […]

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GPD XD+ handheld game console with 4GB RAM, MTK8176 coming soon

It’s been more than two years since Chinese electronics maker GPD launched the GPD XD, an Android-powered handheld game console that looks a bit like a Nintendo DS. Since then the company’s probably gotten more buzz for its Windows devices like the GPD Win and GPD Pocket. But now a refreshed GPD XD is on […]

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Unreleased NVIDIA Shield Portable 2 game device found in a pawn shop

NVIDIA has released a handful of Android-powered gaming devices over the past few years. The company’s Shield brand of devices includes Shield tablets, the Shield TV box, and a device that’s now called the Shield Portable, but which was just called the NVIDIA Shield when it was launched, since it was the first device to wear […]

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Indiegogo cancels Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ handheld console campaign

After raising more than £500 thousand in a crowdfunding campaign last year, the developers of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ promised to ship their retro PC-in-a-modern-handheld to backers in October. That didn’t happen. And after a repeated series of delays and promises left unkept, the BBC reports that Indiegogo has “halted” the campaign. Effectively that means […]

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GPD Win gaming handheld update: Improved build, faster CPU

The GPD Win is a handheld gaming device that looks a bit like a Nintendo DS, but which is actually a fully functional Windows computer. Available for $350 or less, the GPD Win has a tiny keyboard, gaming buttons, a 5.5 inch touchscreen display, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and Windows 10 software. But […]

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PocketCHIP update brings graphics acceleration, doubles available storage

Next Thing Co’s PocketCHIP is a $69 handheld computer built around the company’s $9 CHIP. The extra money pays for all the things that make the PocketCHIP a mobile Linux device, including the display, keyboard, case, and battery. While you could already use the PocketCHIP to play (or program) 8-bit games, it lacked support for […]

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GPD Win handheld gaming PC (quick review)

The GPD Win is a small device that looks like a handheld game console… and it is. But it’s also a full-fledged, if low-powered, Windows computer. It’s the first Windows device from GPD, a company that’s released a number of Android-powered gaming handhelds over the past few years. Following a crowdfunding campaign for the GPD […]