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Smach Z handheld gaming PC specs finalized: Ryzen V1605B, up to 8GB RAM

The Smach Z is a handheld gaming PC that’s been under development in one way or another since the developer released the first rendered images of a so-called “SteamBoy” handheld game system in 2014. Now Smach CEO Daniel Fernandez is getting ready to bring the Smach Z to market, hopefully in 2018. This week we […]

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Smach Z handheld gaming PC to feature AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 processor

The Smach Z is a handheld PC designed for gaming, which has been under development for years, but it’s finally expected to ship in 2018. Recently we got an early look at the motherboard and case designs. And now Smach and AMD have announced the system will be powered by the upcoming Ryzen Embedded V1000 […]

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Zero Terminal: A DIY handheld Linux PC made from a Raspberry Pi and a cheap iPhone keyboard accessory

Looking for a tiny, Linux computer that’s small enough to fit in a pocket, but which has a keyboard, display, and everything else you need for computing on the go? I guess you could spend $69 on a Pocket CHIP. but you could also just build your own. That’s what a hacker that goes by […]

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GPD Win handheld gaming PC gets a CPU upgrade ahead of launch

The GPD Win is a tiny computer that looks like a laptop, but which features a 5.5 inch touchscreen display, a thumb-sized QWERTY keyboard, and dedicated gaming buttons above the alpha-numeric keys. GPD ran a series of crowdfunding campaigns for the project earlier this year, started taking pre-orders in June, and plans to begin shipping GPD Win […]

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GPD Win handheld gaming PC available for pre-order for $330 (video)

GPD has been selling handheld game consoles and tablets for a few years, but up until now most have been powered by Google Android. This year the company introduced the GPD Win, a handheld PC with a 5.5 inch touchscreen display, a QWERTY keyboard, and physical gaming buttons. After a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in April, […]

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DragonBox Pyra: Crowdfunding an open source, modular handheld PC (LPX Show)

Before there was Kickstarter, before there were iPads, and before the smartphone market has really even taken off, there was the Pandora. It was designed to be a Linux-powered handheld computer which could be used for gaming and other tasks… but the crowd-funded project was plagued with shipping delays, which left a bitter taste in […]

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Future subnotebooks to be powered by Windows Mobile 7?

Taiwanese computer maker Inventec is developing a low cost laptop that could run Windows Mobile 7 when the operating system is released (probably sometime next year). There are a few advantages to Windows Mobile over Linux or a full version of Windows. It’s cheaper to license than Windows and has lower hardware requirements. Windows Mobile […]