Alienware’s Concept UFO is a modular handheld gaming PC (much more than a Nintendo Switch clone)

I wouldn’t blame you if you took one look at Dell’s Alienware Concept UFO handheld gaming PC and its detachable controllers and decided it was nothing but a Nintendo Switch clone. But this little device is much more than that — because it’s got the guts of a full-fledged Windows computer. Sure, you could use […]

Nintendo Switch Lite handheld game console coming in September for $200

As widely anticipated, Nintendo is adding a smaller, cheaper model to its Nintendo Switch line of game consoles. The Nintendo Switch Lite will be available starting September 20th for $200. That’s $100 less than the price of a normal Nintendo Switch, but there’s a catch — the Switch Lite is only designed for handheld gaming. The […]

GPD Win 2 handheld gaming PC gets a spec bump (faster processor, more storage)

The GPD Win 2 is a handheld gaming computer with a 6 inch screen, an Intel Core m3 processor, a thumb keyboard, and physical gaming controls. First released in early 2018, the little computer was an upgrade over its predecessor in just about every respect. Now the GPD Win 2 is getting its own spec […]

Micro Arcade handheld put Frogger, Galaga, and Pac-Man in credit card-sized packages

There are handheld game systems… and then there are really, really tiny handheld game systems. A few years ago, after creating and running a Kickstarter campaign for a credit card-sized game system called the Arduboy, the developer of that project launched a single-purpose game system called the Tetris MicroCard. As the name suggests, it’s a […]

MOQI is a gaming smartphone that actually looks like a gaming device

Razer, Asus, Nubia, and Xiaomi all launched smartphones aimed at gamers in 2018. For the most part that meant they had fast processors, big batteries, maybe a special display or cooling system, and maybe a funky looking back cover. But the upcoming MOQI smartphone? It actually looks like a handheld game console: it has physical […]

Retro Champ is a handheld game system that plays NES carts (not ROMs)

There’s no shortage of handheld gaming devices capable of running Nintendo games… but most of them do that thanks to an emulator and ROMs that you download from shady areas of the internet. I mean, theoretically it’s possible to rip games you own from the original NES game cartridges, but it’s not exactly easy to […]