Hackers add TV output to the Nintendo DS Lite using a hidden feature of the handheld game console

Released in 2006, the Nintendo DS Lite is a handheld game console with two displays but no official support for sending video to a TV or external display. Unofficially though? A group of hackers have found a way to do just that. What’s interesting about the Nintendo DS-TV-Out Restoration Project from the folks at Lost […]

Arduboy Nano is a (barely) playable game console less than an inch tall

The maker of the Arduboy line of handheld retro game systems has been producing pocket-sized gaming hardware for years. But the new Arduboy Nano goes beyond pocket-sized. It’s small enough to hang from a keychain. In fact, it’s so small that it’s probably extraordinarily uncomfortable to use for actually gaming. But it’s a fully functional […]

microByte is an open hardware tiny handheld game console for $45 and up during crowdfunding

The microByte is a pocket-sized game console with a tiny display, game controllers, a speaker, and microSD card reader for storage. It supports several emulators, allowing you to play classic games on the system. And it’s an open hardware project – the firmware, PCB design files and schematics, and other documentation are all available to […]

ODROID-GO Super is an $80 Ubuntu-powered handheld game system

Hardkernel’s third ODROID-Go device has a bigger screen, a bigger battery, improved wireless capabilities, and more buttons than the company’s first two handheld gaming systems. The ODROID-GO Super was announced in December with a list price of $80 and now it’s available for purchase. While it’s out of stock at the Hardkernel Shop at the […]

Circuit Gem is a handheld game system stuffed in a Sega Dreamcast VMU

There’s no shortage of handheld retro game consoles these days, allowing you to play classic console games on the go. But the Circuit Gem goes a little above and beyond the norm by stuffing modern hardware into a truly retro case. It’s a modern micro console/computer stuffed into the shell of a Sega Dreamcast VMU. […]

Nintendo Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros hacked on day one (Yes, it plays DOOM)

Nintendo’s latest retro game console is a handheld game system designed to run just a few games. The Super Mario Bros Game & Watch is a modern take on the original Game & Watch line of single-game handhelds that were released in Japan 40 years ago. First announced in September, the new model sells for […]

Nintendo is launching a Super Mario handheld game console for $50 this fall

Super Mario Bros turns 35 this year, and Nintendo is introducing a bunch of new products to celebrate… including a handheld game console with the game pre-installed. The new Super Mario Bros Game & Watch is modeled after Nintendo’s first handhelds, which were single-game device released in the 1980s before the Game Boy was introduced. But […]

Analogue Pocket is a modern handheld game console that plays classic games (cartridges and all)

Want to play some old-school games on a modern device? There’s no shortage of emulators that will let you fire up classic games on a phone. Or you can buy any number of modern handhelds designed to play old games (or maybe build your own). But the Analogue Pocket is something different. The upcoming handheld […]