Halo is an analog smartwatch (with a transparent digital display)

Smartwatches that can display notifications, driving directions, or even web browsers are cool and all. But with a few exceptions like the Pebble smartwatch (with its E Ink display), smartwatches are just blank (or dim) screens sitting on your wrist when you’re not using them. A company called Lonshine Technologies has figured out a way to […]

Paranoid Android kills off Halo multitasking, working on… something else

The developers of Paranoid Android have a habit of building new features that dramatically change the way you interact with the Android operating system. The team’s Hybrid Engine let smartphone users access tablet versions of apps. PIE controls lets you hide navigation buttons when they’re not in use. And Halo provides always-visible notifications which you […]

Portal brings Paranoid’s Halo floating notifications to any Android device (no root required)

The developers of Paranoid Android recently introduced a feature called Halo which completely changes the way that notifications and multitasking works in Android. If you’re running the team’s custom version of Android you can view notifications in a small pop-up window — and you can respond to instant messages, Facebook updates, or other notifications without […]

Lilbits (6-10-2013): Halo multitasking goes open source, Apple unveils OS X Mavericks

Whether you’re a fan of Facebook Home or not, the company’s social home screen app did introduce a nifty concept called chat heads. The idea is that when you get a new message, it doesn’t hide out in a notification tray. Instead a bubble with your contact’s picture pops up, and you can tap it […]

Lilbits (5-06-2013): Paranoid Android launches Halo

Drawing inspiration from Facebook’s chat heads feature, Paranoid Android developers have completely overhauled Android’s notification and multitasking system with support for always-visible notifications which let you quickly open and close an app without minimizing the app you were using. The Paranoid Android team started showing off the software a week ago, and now there are […]

This is what Paranoid Android’s Halo notification/multitasking looks like (video)

The Paranoid Android development team is working on a new tool called Halo which completely rethinks the way Android handles notifications and multitasking. Halo is inspired by Facebook’s “chat heads” feature which lets you see and respond to incoming Facebook chat messages from any app without closing the window. But Halo works with every app that […]

Paranoid Android teases Halo: It’s like Facebook chat heads, but for any app with notifications

One of the most interesting features of Facebook Home for Android is the Chat Heads notification system. Instead of showing an alert in your status bar every time you get a new message from someone you’re chatting with, a picture of that person will pop up on your screen and stay on the screen no […]