Haier introduces a new 7 inch HaiPad tablet with custom Android software

Chinese consumer electronics company Haier, probably best known in the US for making air conditioners and other appliances, has introduced a new 7 inch Android tablet for the Chinese market. The HaiPad runs Google Android 2.2 with a custom user interface designed by DianXin OS. That includes an app tray that gives you quick access to […]

HaiPad M703 Chinese tablet packs an ARM Cortex A9 chip

The HaiPad line of tablets have a reputation for being cheap and… well, that’s really about it. The WiiPad Slim Plus tablet I reviewed and gave away recently was a rebranded HaiPad M701, and while it was probably one of the better sub-$200 Android tablets I’ve seen, that’s not really saying all that much. But […]