Blade Box is a Chinese game console that runs Windows 10

Chinese software company Tencent is working with chip maker Intel on a new game console platform called the TGP Box (Tencent Games Platform). The first model is a system manufactured by Haier called the Blade Box, and while it looks like a game console, it’s  basically a Windows 10-powered computer with an Intel Skylake processor. […]

Haier’s next Chromebook is a convertible tablet

Chinese electronics company Haier launched its first Chromebook in 2015. Now it looks like the company has a new model on the way, and it could have a new processor, a touchscreen display, and a screen that flips nearly 360 degrees, allowing you to use the notebook like a tablet. Notebook Italia spotted a prototype […]

Chromebooks with Rockchip processors are priced at $149 and up

Google and several computer makers are introducing a new line of Chrome OS laptops featuring Rockchip RK3288 ARM Cortex-A17 quad-core processors and low price tags. In fact, Haier and Hisense are each launching new Chromebooks with starting prices of $149. These aren’t the first Chrome OS laptops to feature ARM-based processors. Samsung launched a line […]

Haier introduces a new 7 inch HaiPad tablet with custom Android software

Chinese consumer electronics company Haier, probably best known in the US for making air conditioners and other appliances, has introduced a new 7 inch Android tablet for the Chinese market. The HaiPad runs Google Android 2.2 with a custom user interface designed by DianXin OS. That includes an app tray that gives you quick access to […]

Haier haiPad Android tablet shows up in China

Electronics maker Haier is showing off a new 7 inch Android tablet called the haiPad. According to Chinese site eNet, the Haier haiPad has an 800 MHz Freescale i.MX515 processor, 802.11b/g/ WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, and runs Google Android 2.2. There’s also a rear-facing HD camera. The Haier haiPad apparently bears no relation to the HaiPad […]

Haier netbook shows up at Mobile World Congress

Chinese electronics maker Haier had an unnamed, unexplained netbook on display at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain last week. Engadget reports that there were no specs, release date information, or other details available. Just a netbook sitting in a display surrounded by mobile internet devices and cellphones. The notebook appears to have a decent […]