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Habey unveils HIO Project ARM board, launches HIO Wallpad home automation Kickstarter campaign

Habey makes small form-factor, fanless computers for industrial use. Now the company is getting into the Maker/independent developer space with the HIO Project. The HIO system is a modular computer board with a Freescale i.MX6 ARM Cortex-A9 dual or quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM and 4GB of built-in storage, plus HDMI and USB connectors, a […]

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Habey BIS-6761 is a fanless, Celeron-powered barebones PC for $210

Embedded system builder Habey’s computers aren’t always cheap, or aimed at consumers. But if you’re looking for a small, quiet, and relatively inexpensive computer the Habey BIS-6761 looks like an interesting option. Newegg is selling this barebones PC for $210, and it features an Intel Celeron 857 dual-core processor, Intel HD graphics, a 7.5″ x […]

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Habey launches BIS-6922 fanless PC with Intel Core i power

Habey generally makes computers and electronic equipment for industrial use. But the Habey BIS-6922 looks like a small form-factor PC that’d fit comfortably on your desk or in your home theater setup. It’s a 9.6″ x 6.1″ x 2.1″ computer with a passive cooling system, which means it doesn’t require a fan to keep the […]

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Habey packs a media center PC into a tiny aluminum case

Don’t feel like spending $900 on a tiny desktop computer with a low power Intel Atom processor? No problem, because when it comes to nettop computers, expensive is the exception rather than the rule. Case in point: Habey’s new EPC-6568S is a mini-desktop PC with a dual core Atom processor, NVIDIA ION graphics, and a […]

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Habey 12″ Panel PC is like a stationary tablet PC

Habey has launched a new computer that’s sort of a cross between a tablet and a nettop (tiny desktop) computer. The Habey 12″ Panel PC is a desktop computer with a low power Intel Atom processor and a 12 inch touchscreen display. It’s designed for use in a variety of environments and can be used […]

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Habey SOM-6670 Atom-based platform can display two HD videos at the same time

Intel’s Atom chips are designed first and foremost to offer low power consumption. Generally that’s meant that they haven’t been high performance chips when it comes to tasks that require more processing or graphics power. But Intel’s Tunnel Creek platform for embedded systems actually has some pretty impressive graphics chops. The folks at Habey have […]

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Habey launches $200 nettop with dual core Atom processor

Habey began selling a new barebones nettop called the EPC-6563 this week which features a 1.83 GHz Intel Atom D525 dual core processor and runs just $199.99. Of course, you don’t get very much for the money. While the mini-desktop computer has 2 memory slots and 2 mini-PCI Express slots, it doesn’t come with any […]

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Habey shrinks its Broadcom HD video decoder

Habey has introduced a new version of its HD video decoder which is even smaller than the HB-VD904 PCIe mini card the company introduced last summer. The new Habey HB-VD920 is a half height PCI Express Mini card which you can add to any netbook, tablet, or desktop computer to enable support for 1080p HD […]

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Habey’s new nettop is a multimedia (low) powerhouse

Habey has grabbed my attention a few times in recent months with tiny, low power desktop computers like the Habey BIS-6620 and BIS-6622. But while those mini-desktops were all about business thanks to their integrated Intel Atom Zxx processors and integrated graphics, the new Habey ENT-6564 is a nettop that really wants to hang out […]