Meet the first laptops with Intel Iris Xe MAX discrete graphics

Intel’s integrated graphics technology has gotten a lot better in recent years, with the company’s 11th-gen Intel Tiger Lake processors offering graphics performance that’s close to what you’d get from an entry-level NVIDIA discrete GPU. But Intel isn’t stopping with integrated graphics – this summer the company announced plans to enter the discrete graphics space […]

Lilbits: NVIDIA Ampere, Walmart+ and Google Pixel

NVIDIA’s most powerful gaming graphics cards are set to start shipping this month with prices ranging from $499 for the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 GPU with “Ampere” architecture, $699 for a GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card with up to twice the performance of its previous-gen counterpart, and $1499 for NVIDIA’s first 8K gaming graphics card, […]

NVIDIA quietly outs GeForce MX450 GPU for laptops

NVIDIA is refreshing its entry-level discrete GPU for thin and light laptops. According to the new product page for the NVIDIA GeForce MX450 graphics processor, the new GPU supports GDDR5 and GDDR6 memory and PCIe 4.0. There aren’t many other technical details listed, but we probably won’t have to wait long to see laptops with […]

Intel Xe GPU roadmap includes laptop, gaming PC, and server graphics

Intel is taking a big step into the GPU space, starting with the Intel Xe integrated graphics that will be built into the company’s upcoming “Tiger Lake” processors. But laptops with integrated GPUs are just the start. The company is outlining its roadmap for Intel Xe graphics, and we can also expect to see discrete […]

Qualcomm and Xiaomi develop Game Turbo graphics tuner for smartphones

It looks like GPU tweaking software is coming to smartphones. Xiaomi and Qualcomm appear to have developed an app called Game Turbo which will let users adjust GPU settings to optimize for performance, picture quality, or frame rates, among other things. Neither company has made an official announcement yet, but Ice Universe has shared a few […]

NVIDIA launches Ampere GPU architecture (coming first to data centers)

NVIDIA may be best known to the general public (or at least the geeky set of the general public) for its PC graphics cards used for gaming, content creation, and cryptocurrency mining, among other things. But the first products based on the company’s new Ampere technology will be high-performance (and high-price) solutions aimed at products for […]

Intel uncouples Windows 10 graphics driver updates from OEM customizations (for faster updates)

Intel is making it easier for Windows 10 users to download the chip maker’s latest graphics drivers quickly, by separating them from the OEM customizations made by PC makers. PC makers like Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, and Lenovo often release custom versions of Intel’s drivers meant to deal with platform-specific issues. So overwriting those customizations […]

NVIDIA gives entry-level laptop graphics a slight spec bump with MX330 and MX350

NVIDIA has quietly added two new entry-level laptop graphics solutions to its lineup. The new NVIDIA GeForce MX330 and GeForce MX350 solutions should offer a slight spec bump over last year’s MX200-series graphics. But don’t expect huge improvements — the new GPUs are based on NVIDIA’s Pascal architecture which was first released in 2016 rather […]

This is Intel’s first discrete graphics card (that you won’t be able to buy)

Intel has been investing heavily in improving graphics performance of its processors, and the company is starting to share details at the Consumer Electronics Show. Among other things, Intel has revealed the Intel DG1 graphics card with next-gen Intel Xe graphics. The company has also made it clear that this isn’t actually a graphics card […]

Intel previews Tiger Lake chips and Intel Xe graphics

Most of the new Intel-powered laptops and tablets announced so far at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show are powered by 10th-gen Intel Core “Ice Lake” or “Comet Lake” chips. But Intel is providing a sneak peek at some features for the upcoming “Tiger Lake” processors that will eventually replace them. Intel says the first Tiger […]