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Command & Conquer Remastered Collection is coming soon — and so is source code for two games

Popular real-time-strategy came Command & Conquer turns 25 this year, and EA plans to release a Command & Conquer Remastered Collection in June to celebrate the anniversary. The new $20 package will feature updated versions two games in the series — Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert featuring 4K graphics and remastered music. Ahead of launch, EA’s […]

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Jide releases (some) Remix OS source code to comply with GPL, Apache licenses

Remix OS is a custom version of Google Android designed to run on desktop and notebook computers. While it’s based on open source software, the operating system itself is not fully open source… but as has recently been pointed out, the developers at Jide may have violated some software licenses when they released Remix OS for […]

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List of Android tablets that make source code available

Google’s Android operating is based on the Linux kernel, which means that it’s bound by the GPL (General Public License) that requires anyone distributing devices using Android to make the Kernel source code available. A number of major Android tablet makers including Archos, Barnes & Noble, Dell, Samsung, and Velocity Cruz have done that — […]

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Joojoo ripped for another failing, this time it’s a GPL violation

Oh, Fusion Garage… Lately it seems the only good news which surfaces about your JooJoo tablet is the result of someone who doesn’t work for you doing something awesome with it — like installing Windows 7 on it. Developer Matthews Garrett recently got the chance to spend some time with the JooJoo, and apart from […]