GPD Win is a handheld Windows gaming PC for $299 (crowdfunding)

As expected, GPD has launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new handheld gaming device. But unlike most of the company’s products to date, this new handheld isn’t an Android tablet. It’s a tiny Windows PC. The GPD Win is basically a laptop with a 5.5 inch display, an Intel Atom Cherry Trail processor, dedicated gaming […]

GPD plans to launch gaming handheld PC with Windows 10, Cherry Trail CPU

Chinese device maker GPD offers a line of handheld gaming devices with 5 to 7 inch displays. Most of the company’s products to date have featured ARM-based chips and Android software. But now GPD is working on a model with Windows 10 software and an Intel Atom Cherry Trail processor. As CNX-Software notes, the design, specifications, […]