Highlights from Google’s Feb 2nd Android event

Google held an event today to talk about Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb and the Android Market. There weren’t a ton of surprises, but we did get a better look at the Honeycomb interface designed for tablets, and Google did announced some Market changes that are going to make life a bit easier for Android developers […]

Google Android Honeycomb will require a dual core processor

There’s been a rumor going around for the past few days that the next version of Google Android (code-named Honeycomb) will have minimum hardware requirements including a dual core processor. I’ve resisted the urge to post on this rumor, because as far as I was concerned there wasn’t very strong evidence to support it… but […]

Google Cr-48 laptop goes under the knife

Sure, the Google Cr-48 laptop is a device for early adopters who want to test Chrome OS, not the general public. But aren’t you a little curios to know what it looks like under the hood? Apparently you’re not alone, because Engadget has published a series of photos from a user who received the laptop […]

Flash video stinks on Google Cr-48 notebooks, Adobe’s working on it

The first Cr-48 Google Chrome notebooks began arriving today, and while by all accounts the hardware is well designed and the operating system is simple to use and fast to boot, there’s one glaring problem: Adobe Flash support seems to stink at the moment. Like the latest versions of the Google Chrome web browser, Chrome […]

Google’s Cr-48 Chrome notebook now shipping (and arriving) to beta testers

Just a few days after Google unveiled the Cr-48 Chrome OS notebook, the company has begun sending out demo units to a select group of beta testers. Ben Kessler received one about an hour ago, and posed the first unboxing photos on Flickr. Kessler reports that the build quality seems to be good, and the […]

Google intros Chrome OS developer notebook, Acer and Samsung to launch consumer models next year

Google has unveiled the first notebook designed to run the Chrome OS operating system. It’s not really meant for the general public, but the new Cr-48 is a 12 inch notebook that will be available as part of a pilot program for developers and other testers. While the Cr-48 isn’t supposed to be a consumer […]

Google unveils Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Nexus S smartphone

Google has released the Software Developer Kit for Android 2.3. The company is also introducing the Google Nexus S smartphone which will be one of the first to run the updated operating system. It will be available for purchase online or at retailers including Best Buy and Carphone Warehouse starting December 16th in the US […]

Google plans event for Tuesday, could unveil the first Chrome OS netbook

Google is holding a press event in San Francisco on Tuesday to talk about something Google Chrome-related. That’s all we know for certain, but the invites started going out shortly after Engadget published a story saying that sources were indicating that a Google-branded netbook running Chrome OS would be unveiled on Tuesday, December 7th. Chrome […]