Enthusiast makes 64-bit build of Google Chrome OS available

Opinions are split on whether or not 64-bit is worth bothering with yet. It’s an even bigger question mark on netbooks, where the 32-bit Atom reigns supreme. However, more netbook models are appearing with VIA, AMD, and even Intel’s low-voltage non-Atom CPUs. And that means someone is going to put out 64-bit OS builds aimed […]

Google Chrome OS image now available, tested on netbooks – Video

There’s been a bit of confusion about Google’s new operating-system-that’s-really-just-a-browser. While Google did announce yesterday that the OS would be designed for upcoming “netbooks” with larger screens and keyboards and solid state disks, the most important thing Google announced was that the project was open source. And the code is available today. And that means […]

Google announces Chrome Operating System, targeted at netbooks

After years of speculation that Google was planning on launching an operating system, Google has confirmed that… it’s planning on launching an operating system. At launch, the open source, Linux-based OS will be a light weight system targeted specifically at netbooks, but it should run on any x86 or ARM-based computers. The source code should […]