Report: Google’s Nest WiFi mesh routers will double as smart speakers

Google is holding an event October 15th where the company will officially launch the much-leaked Pixel 4 line of smartphones. But the company could also use the event to introduce other new products… like an update to its Google WiFi line of mesh networking routers. According to a report from 9to5Google, the next version of […]

Google Home and WiFi cross the pond (to the UK)

Google’s smart home products aren’t just for the United States anymore. The company has announced that its Google Hom smart speaker and Google WiFi mesh networking router devices are heading to the UK, where they’ll be available starting April 6th. Google Home is also learning some new tricks, thanks to support for additional smart home products. For […]

Google WiFi issues show the downside of always-up-to-date routers

Google started getting into the consumer WiFi router space in 2015 by partnering with Asus and TP-Link to launch a line of OnHub routers. More recently Google launched its own whole-home solution called Google WiFi. Among other things, these routers are interesting because they’re supposed to be easy to set up and they download software and […]

Google WiFi mesh router system now available for $130 and up

After dipping its toe in the smart wireless router space last year by partnering with Asus and TP-Link, Google has begun selling its own WiFi routers. The aptly-named Google WiFi is a $130 router that you can set up and control using a smartphone app, making it easier to manage than most traditional routers. If […]

Google WiFi pre-orders begin at Google Store, Amazon, and Best Buy

Google’s first consumer WiFi router is now available for pre-order for $129… or you can buy a 3-pack for $299. The reason you might want to consider buying more than a single router is that Google WiFi uses mesh networking to provide better coverage across your home. If you live in a studio apartment, one […]

Google WiFi hits FCC ahead of December launch

Google WiFi is a wireless router system designed to work either as a single device or as a group of routers spread throughout a space to provide a stronger signal around your home. Introduced in October, Google WiFi is expected to go up for pre-order soon and ship in December. You can currently join a waitlist […]

$129 Google WiFi is Google’s first router

Google is launching a WiFi router, cleverly called Google WiFi. While the company had worked with TP-Link and Asus to launch OnHub routers in the past, the new Google WiFi router is designed and sold directly by Google. It’s a modular router system too… so you can buy one router and put it in a […]

Oct 4th rumors: Google to show off merged Android/Chrome OS preview, $69 Chromecast Ultra and $129 Google Home

Google is holding an event on October 4th, where the company is expected to officially launches its new Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. But that’s not all we’re expecting to see on October 4th. According to several reports from Android Police, we could also see the launch of Google Home, a Chromecast Ultra, and a new […]