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Lilbits (4-22-2014): Use Amazon’s smartphone by tilting?

You’d think the key difference between Amazon’s upcoming (and as-yet, officially unannounced) smartphone and other Android devices would be tight integration with Amazon’s app, music, book, and video stores. And you’d probably be right for thinking that — but with hundreds of other options available for smartphone shoppers, it looks like Amazon may be trying […]

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Google updates mobile Keyboard, Hangouts, Voice, and Drive apps

Google is rolling out a whole slew of updates to its mobile apps and services. A week after launching Android 4.4 KitKat, the company is updating a number of its Android and iOS apps including Voice, Hangouts, and Drive. Here are some of today’s highlights. Google Hangouts with integrated SMS Android phones typically come with […]

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Lilbits (9-25-2013): Google Voice shows (small) signs of life

Google Voice has been on a lot of people’s short-lists for a Google spring cleaning for the past few years. It’s a pretty awesome service which can transcribe your voicemail, assigns you a single phone number that you can give people to ring some or all of your phones, screen and automatically block calls from […]

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Lilibits (9-17-2013): What’s up with CyanogenMod?

Don’t like the software that came with your Android phone? For almost as long as device makers and wireless carriers have been offering smartphones running Google’s mobile operating system, hackers have been building their own versions of Android which you can install on many Android phones and tablets. CyanogenMod is one of the most popular. […]

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Lilbits (7-06-2013): Open laptop development, and is Tizen dead?

There are plenty of ways to run open source software on an existing laptop. But hardware hacker Bunnie Huang wants to go further and develop a truly open laptop that’s not only Linux-friendly, but which uses entirely open hardware designs that are available for anyone to modify and use. Huang’s been working on the open […]

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Add a mic to the Amazon Kindle Fire for just a few dollars

The Amazon Kindle Fire is a 7 inch tablet with a high quality display, a speedy dual core processor, and the ability to run thousands of Google Android apps. But one thing Amazon’s tablet doesn’t have is a built-in microphone. You’d think that would mean you cant run sound recorders or voice communication apps such as […]

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Google offers free phone calls from Gmail throughout 2011 (US & Canada only)

A few months ago Google added the ability to make phone calls from your computer to a telephone number from within Gmail. Just install the voice and video chat plugin, hit the Call phone button in your chat sidebar, and dial the number you want to call (and make sure you have a mic and/or […]

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Google Voice now open to the public

Google Voice is a service that lets you give out one phone number that people can use to ring all of your phones. Only want your work phone to ring from 9 to 5? You can adjust a setting for that. Want to be able to screen calls and send some numbers direct to voicemail? […]