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UE Boom speakers now have “voice integration” for Siri, Google voice search

The Ultimate Ears UE Boom 2 and Megaboom are popular, well-reviewed cylindrical Bluetooth speakers that allow you to stream music from your phone, tablet, computer, or other gadgets without wires. Their shape also makes them look a bit like Amazon’s Echo or Amazon Tap devices… and now you can UE’s speakers a lot like an […]

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Report: Google’s Amazon Echo-like product is code-named “Chirp”

Apple, Google, and Microsoft all have software that lets you talk to your phone to perform some actions or get answers to your questions. Siri, Cortana, and Google’s voice search tools can come in handy in the car, around the house, or in other places where you may not want to use your hands to […]

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OK Google, when does this restaurant open? Voice search adds location-aware features

Google is rolling out an update for its voice search feature that lets you ask your phone questions about nearby locations without providing specifics. Standing in front of a restaurant? You can ask Google want time it opens without naming the restaurant. Want to know about a nearby river, museum, or building but don’t know […]

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Hound is an Android voice search app on steroids (from makers of SoundHound)

Google’s Voice Search tool for Android lets you ask Google all sorts of questions: you can check the time, weather forecast, movie showtimes, and more. But the makers of the SoundHound app (which uses audio recognition to tell you what song is playing nearby) think there’s room for a voice search app that can do […]

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Google Voice Search for Android now lets you speak in up to 5 languages

Google’s Search app for Android lets you search the web, ask questions, set alarms, and perform other actions just by talking to your phone. Now Google’s making it easier for folks who speak more than one language to use the feature. Up until recently the Voice Search function has only been able to recognize one language […]

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Lilbits (2-11-2014): Intel builds a GPU that’s 40 percent more efficient

Smartphones, tablets, and notebooks keep getting more powerful… but that doesn’t mean they have to become more power hungry. There’s a race on to make chips that don’t just offer higher performance, but which are also more efficient than previous models. Intel’s been making pretty big strides in reducing power consumption with its Bay Trail […]

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Google bringing enhanced, Siri-like voice search to iPhone, iPad

Google Android 4.1 Jelly Bean introduced new, enhanced voice search capabilities that allow you to ask your Android phone or tablet a question, and receive an answer instead of a search results page showing a bunch of links. Want to know what the temperature is? Google Voice Ssearch will speak the answer to you and […]