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Google Translate for Android can transcribe & translate conversations in real-time

A few months after adding real-time voice translation to its Google Assistant app, Google is rolling out real-time voice-to-text translation to its Google Translate app for Android. You can also do voice-to-voice translations using Conversation Mode in the Google Translate app, but that’s been available for a while. Here’s how the new feature works — […]

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Google’s “Interpreter mode” turns your phone into a Babel Fish (real-time voice translation)

Google has added real-time voice translation to Google Assistant for smartphones. Just ask Google to act as your translator or help you speak a language, and it can help you communicate with someone who speaks a different language from you. Google’s “Interpreter mode” could come in handy if you’re ordering food or asking for directions while […]

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LG’s newest neckband/earbuds support Google Assistant, Translate

LG is bringing a new set of “wearable wireless audio” devices to the IFA trade show in Berlin next week. The LG TONE Platinum SE is basically a set of wireless earbuds/headphones with a neckband that helps provide long battery life, while the LG TONE Ultra SE adds an external mono speaker to the mix, allowing […]

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Google Translate for Android now works with any app

The Google Translate app for Android lets you translate text from one language to another… but up until now if you wanted to translate text from another app, you had to copy and paste it into Google Translate first. Now Google has a new way: Tap to Translate lets you convert text without leaving the […]

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Google Translate is coming to (some) Android apps

Visit a foreign language website in the Chrome browser on your Android phone, and the browser will offer to translate it into your preferred language. But what happens when you fire up a mobile app that has foreign-language content? Nothing… until now. Google has announced that Android 6.0 adds Google Translate support to many apps, allowing […]

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Skype’s real-time Translator is now open to all, no sign-up necessary

Skype is now letting anyone use its real-time translation feature to talk to someone who speaks a different language. Microsoft announced it would add real-time translation to its video-calling app about a year ago. Earlier this year, the Skype Translator preview, which included support for English, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese, became available to a small […]

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Translate with your phone’s camera: Google Translate adds Word Lens

The Google Translate app for Android and iOS lets you type out words or sentences (or by speaking them) to get translations for dozens of different languages. You can also snap a photo of signs, menus, documents, or other real-world objects to get translations of written text. Now you don’t even need to snap a […]

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Google Working on Real-Time Voice Translation for Google Translate App

The New York Times reports Google is preparing to announce an update to its translation app that will bring real-time voice translation to mobile devices. Imagine how easy it will be to travel to exotic locations for a vacation. No more confusing conversations or scrambling to look up words in a translation dictionary. The app currently […]

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Google acquires Word Lens app makers (translate with a camera)

Word Lens makes software that not only lets you translate text by pointing your smartphone’s camera at real-world objects like signs or menus… it actually replaces the text in the viewfinder with text in your chosen language. Now the makers of Word Lens will be bringing their expertise to Google, which means the technology could […]

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Lilbits (8-20-2013): Google Maps gets crowd-source traffic updates

It’s been a few months since Google acquired mobile mapping service Waze and promised to bring crowd-sourced data about traffic accidents and other conditions on the roads to Google Maps. Now it’s available. Waze incident reports about construction, road closures, and other conditions will start showing up in Google Maps for Mobile in the US, UK, […]

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Chrome 28 Beta for Android includes Google Translate

Google has released a new beta version of the Chrome web browser for Android. Among other things, Chrome 28 Beta includes built-in support for Google Translate. When you visit a website in a language other than the default language on your device, a note will pop up asking if you’d like to translate the page. […]