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Google Store begins selling refurbished products (1-year warranty and discounted prices)

Google’s first-party hardware is pretty good… but not particularly cheap. Prices for a Google Pixelbook start at $999, for example, and a 3-pack of Google WiFi mesh networking routers runs $259. But now there’s a cheaper option — buy refurbished models from the Google Store and you can save some money while still getting the […]

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Now you can buy from Google Store in any country (provided you have a shipping address)

The Google Store sells phones, Chromebooks, smartwatches, and smart speakers (or whatever you want to call things like Google Home), among other products. But the Google Store isn’t available in all countries. Up until recently, that’s meant if you wanted to buy Google WiFi while living in an unsupported country, your best bet was to […]

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Google Nexus 5 is “no longer available for purchase”

Google launched a new store for hardware this week, showcasing the latest phones, tablets, Chromebooks, and other devices. One thing you won’t find in the new Google Store? The Nexus 5 smartphone. You can still pick one up from some third-party retailers, but according to a page on the Google Store, “The Nexus 5 is […]

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Google launches 2015 Chromebook Pixel for $999 and up

The Google Chromebook Pixel is a premium laptop designed to run Google’s Chrome operating system. Google launched the original Pixel in 2013, delivering a Chromebook with a high-resolution touchscreen display, an excellent keyboard and touchpad, and a $1299 price tag. Now Google is updating the Pixel with a new 2015 model. They’re still premium notebooks, but […]

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Rumor: Google planning to open Google Stores to sell Glass, Chromebooks and more

Google may may be getting ready to take a page out of Apple’s book by opening retail stores to sell devices running Google software. According to 9to5Google the idea came up when when officials were trying to figure out the best way to sell the upcoming Google Glass wearable computer. The idea is that most […]